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Janhvi Singh, PGDM Batch 2014 – 2016, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow believes that one can learn a lot from the summer internship experience

“Summer Internship program gives MBA students comprehensive knowledge about the preferred thrust in the industry. They get an idea of the work culture in the corporate world. Moreover, students can also do an efficient SWOT analysis of their career segment so they have a clear idea of what they are in for,” says Janhvi Singh of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, who got an opportunity to work with FedexExpress as a Market Research Analyst. She describes the experience as a massive learning experience.

Janhvi joined Jaipuria, Lucknow because she had heard a lot about it from her seniors who spoke highly of the Jaipuria, Lucknow and their experience there. She wanted to join Jaipuria, Lucknow in order to create a strong platform for her career in the corporate world. And, she believes it will happen with this SIP: “This experience of working with a major brand will always be with me and I gain so much from it. As I deliver on my responsibilities right from completing projects to conducting research and collecting data, I will learn from every task.”

A healthy working environment with cooperative colleagues is something Janhvi looks forward to in her SIP. She also asserts that she will do her best to learn about the ethics of the organization, which, she believes, is an important element of working in the corporate world. “After this experience, I can gain detailed insight into the working processes of the logistic industry,” she says. “I will also gain an understanding of marketing and business strategies that are used by a big name brand. This kind of learning will be important for my career in the long run.”

As Janhvi prepares for an important phase in her student life, she feels confident in taking on the responsibilities given to her. That’s because she feels her institute has prepared her for the corporate journey. “My institute trained me in different areas that can help me during the internship program, from communication skills to becoming a decisive thinker,” she explains. “I have also become more detail-oriented and capable of working under strict deadlines. Besides, I have realized the importance of team work.”

Janhvi also stresses on the importance of numerous presentations, live projects and, of course, exercises through case studies at the institute. She believes it has led to her grooming as a management professional. “Guest lectures with industry professionals were highly beneficial and the industry mentor concept works perfectly,” she says, outlining one of the many ways that events on campus have benefitted her. “It ensured that we were learning from the best in the business. Overall, my institute has given me a solid theoretical knowledge base besides practical insight into the industry, which I will treasure.” Janhvi speaks highly of her institute. This is because it has given her exactly what she expected: a solid foundation for a career as a management professional.

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