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Jamshedpur boy Jagpreet Singh Hanspal of Jaipuria Institute of Management recruited by Deloitte

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Growing up in the industrial town of Jamshedpur, Jagpreet Singh Hanspal dreamt of the big wide world beyond its horizons. In his own words, he wanted to have new experiences at every step of his journey in life. And now this PGDM student of Batch 2014 of Jaipuria Institute of Management has taken a huge step forward in his professional career. He has bagged a placement with Deloitte and will be drawing a handsome package of 4.5 lakh INR.

It is not just the placement and remuneration that has got Jagpreet excited. He is also thrilled with the fact that he has been offered the position of Tax Consultant, which is right up his street. “I have always had a keen interest in finance. I have studied Tax, especially Corporate Tax, during my graduation. Hence I am looking forward to giving this job my best shot. There will be challenges along the way, but I believe they will bring out the best in me,” says Jagpreet confidently.

He admits that his confidence stems from his learning at Jaipuria, as it has shaped his personality and attitude. According to Jagpreet, there were a few qualities that shone through during the crucial placement interview and he attributes them to his academic experience at the institute. “Leadership skills, communication skills, concept clarity, team player abilities and adaptability were some of the qualities they were looking for. And I think I possess them all, because as a Jaipurian you cannot escape imbibing those skills,” he elaborates.

Jagpreet recounts activities like quizzes, practical assignments, rigorous case studies, daily corporate interfaces and regular presentations that boosted his academic and overall learning experience as a management student. Not only did they help him understand the concepts of management well, they also taught him the importance of time management. Clearly, he hit the bulls-eye when he had sat to deliberate on the college to do his PGDM from.

Explaining his reasons for making this all-important decision that has brought him to the place where he is today, Jagpreet says, “It’s an AICTE approved institute situated in the industrial hub of Noida. I knew it would mean that the best companies would come to campus for placements. That made it an easy decision for me to make.” Clearly, his reasoning was spot on, given that even as a fresher, he has now bagged a placement with a company like Deloitte.

Jagpreet understands the importance of a professional course like his PGDM to gain a competitive edge in today’s job market. “It arms you with the knowledge and attitude to take on the competitive world out there. You learn to deal with and overcome real world problems through practical learning. Importantly, you realise your strengths and understand your weaknesses,” he says. With refreshing candour, Jagpreet admits that one might not know all the answers in an interview, but it’s important to accept that with honesty. That is his advice to fellow students as well, as he says, “You are not expected to know everything. But you are expected to be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not in the interview as you will get found out. Be yourself and be confident; it will take you a long way.” The mantra certainly seems to be working for Jagpreet.

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