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“Jaipuria provides me with an environment to think, to challenge, to digress, to smash and recreate the future.”

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Professor Sheenu Jain teaches Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Jaipuria Institute of Management. A self-confessed ‘phone and friends addict’, Professor Jain’s classes are quite a hit with her students at Jaipuria Jaipur, because she deftly weaves her immense knowledge of traveling, cooking, psychology and philosophy into her lectures. Professor Sheenu Jain exudes a youthful joviality usually, but inside her classrooms, she is transformed into the thorough professional that she is.

“I remember this MDP session with the Zuari Industries at the All India Marketing Meet. Before the session on Communication Skills for Rural Area, the HR Manager introduced me to a gentleman with over 40 years of experience at Zuari, who said upfront, “What can this girl talk about that I don’t know!” But soon after my session, the same gentleman came forward and said, “I was wrong; age has no bearing on knowledge, and your session was an eye-opener.”

A Masters in Applied Psychology, Professor Jain started her career with a marble firm as a corporate relations manager for international clients, but her selection for the coveted ‘Young Management Scholar’ to IIM Calcutta was too compelling to let go of. And so, the corporate world’s loss was Jaipuria Jaipur’s gain.

“I love to be part of an environment which allows me to think, to challenge, to digress, to smash and to recreate the future. Jaipuria provides me with a platform to constantly reinvent the wheel.”

Her personal favourite teaching area is Entrepreneurship. In fact, Professor Jain is contemplating a start-up of her own a couple of years down the line. She believes Jaipuria Jaipur is the right place for her to understand industry dynamics, and understand the critical role of decision-making, institution building and development, before finally starting her own venture.

“Last year, I received a grant from AICTE to set up an Entrepreneurship Development Cell on Campus. So this year, my entire focus is on setting up the EDC and creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jaipuria Jaipur, through Prayaas – Centre for Entrepreneurship & Skill Development.”

Professor Sheenu Jain wears many hats at Jaipuria Jaipur. Apart from being the Chairperson of EDC, she is also the Chairperson of Parivartan – the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility. She will also be convener of the forthcoming National Conference on Media and Communication in 2013. In 2011, Professor Jain was among the 32 recipients of Goldman Sachs – Tools for Growth – young Mentee Scholar in Mentorship Programme by London Business School and NEN. In fact, one of the woman entrepreneurs she mentored under this programme has been nominated for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs – Skill Development Programme, to be held in London this November.

“I’m currently working on the paper ‘A Comparative Analysis of Strategies of Environmentally Concerned Firms in India & the United States: Developing an Agenda for Effective Green Marketing’. I wish to study the issues, concerns and trends regarding eco-friendly products, packaging and communication strategies implemented in selected industries in response to environmental concerns.”
Professor Sheenu Jain advises her students at Jaipuria Institute of Management to give top priority to the fulfillment of their dreams.

“Do not postpone your dreams. Set a deadline for them and achieve them; nothing gives you better satisfaction in life than this,” she concludes.

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