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Jaipuria Noida’s NAAC Report Card: Straight ‘A’s

Reaching another milestone in its climb to the top, Jaipuria Nodia has received National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) accreditation with an “A” grade.

The NAAC is an autonomous body established in 1994 by the University Grants Commission in the wake of recommendations in the National Policy in Education and Plan of Action for the establishment of a national accreditation body. Its mandate is to assess and accredit institutes of higher learning with the aim of upholding the quality of education in India. Director General J.D. Singh said: “This is a great milestone in the journey, particularly from Jaipuria Noida’s point of view.”

He said Jaipuria Noida “might be one of the youngest campuses to have this honour. NAAC ‘A’ is the highest rating, so it is naturally comforting to know this. It reinvigorates us to keep on doing a good job – to know that one is on the right path and now you need to scale it higher and further and carry on.”

The rating is the result of a consistent push toward excellence right from the start said Director Singh. “When the NAAC team comes to verify and meets with the students, the faculty, the staff and so on, the alumni or the recruiters, they are not looking into what you have been doing today, but what have you been doing all along.”

The NAAC focuses on how committed and deeply engaged an institute is in achieving excellence in management education and looks for documented evidence in regard to the number of students graduated, curriculum, research papers published by faculty over a period of time, seminars and conferences organized, how you keep your employees upgraded, how much industry involvement there is, how much are alumni and recruiters involved. “They even go on to talk to these recruiters and speak to them on the recruited students,” said Director Singh, “do they see any deficit in terms of knowledge, exposure and so on.

“Similarly they ask faculty how comfortable they feel working here, anything which is missing or any weak links. It’s a comprehensive examination of the institute’s conceptualization, implementation and the road ahead.” He said 40 per cent of the feedback from students is on conditions in the classroom and 60 per cent on conditions outside the classroom – the hostel, the food, whether they have hot water in winter, are they being treated well, or not being treated well, whether they are getting the correct support in the library, in the computer lab or in the corridors.

Director Singh cited both students and staff for achieving the ‘A’ grade. “We have a faculty that is truly committed to the students’ development – teaching, counselling and mentoring them became the first priority,” he said. “Congratulations to all the students and the staff on the NAAC accreditation,” he said. “This they have achieved together. Together we have and together we will rise!”

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