Jaipuria-Noida Taught Me That Hard Work Counts But Smart Work Pays

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I joined Jaipuria-Noida after three years of work experience at Ebix which is based in Atlanta. My job profile was that of a data quality analyst and I had to handle and audit data. Ebix, Noida, was where I learnt the nuances of managing myself in the corporate world. I learnt that even though hard work is what counts, it is smart work that pays. It was here that I learnt the importance of building up personal relationships with everyone around me.

I graduated in Electronic and Communications Engineering from Agra. I joined Jaipuria-Noida, because this was the only institute which provided specialization in Operations. The things I learnt at Ebix greatly helped me at Jaipuria-Noida. I was able to maintain my relationships with the members of my study groups. I believe that having had a first-hand experience of the corporate world, I was able to apply my learning in a realistic manner. This is something that freshers have a problem with. I was able to represent myself in a better manner at Jaipuria, thanks to my applicative skills.

I will be taking up Operation Skills and Total Quality Management next year because I wish to expand my knowledge in the field. I am doing my majors in Operations and Marketing. I believe that Ebix and Jaipuria-Noida are similar in that both of them are people-centric. Ebix is extremely employee-centric and Jaipuria, student-centric. Thanks to being at Jaipuria-Noida, I have been able to considerably expand my knowledge which has greatly strengthened my corporate knowledge as well.’

Piyush Jain
PGDM General

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