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Jaipuria Noida Professor Poonam Sharma: You’re Not Working If You’re Not Networking.

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As a member of the faculty at Jaipuria Noida, Professor Poonam Sharma knows the importance of evolving to the changing times. “Teaching has changed. Today, the students are very sharp and smart. The very quality of students is different. Together with teaching, we are focusing on their personalities. We are very student-centric today. All of these aspects have become part of our teaching now.”

Jaipuria Noida prides itself on a faculty that is made up of industry experts who are ready to impart their knowledge to the next generation of business leaders. Professor Sharma is an example of this practice. A veteran of the marketing industry with over 15 years of experience, she is ready to pass on her experiences to her students. “We want out students at Jaipuria Noida to grow into global managers who can work anywhere in the world, so we train them accordingly.”

Professor Sharma serves a multi-function role as a teacher, mentor and guide. Her advice to her students, both past and present, is as follows: “Have a positive approach. Being positive helps you to think better. Perseverance really works in life. Finally, and most importantly, networking – you are not working if you are not networking. I tell my students that all the time. It is important. You need to meet and talk to people.”

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