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Jaipuria Noida launches Information Technology Club (iTops) and creates a platform to help students stay with IT

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida recently inaugurated an Information Technology Club for the benefit of its students. Called iTops, the club is another initiative from the B School to offer the best amenities to its students and offer them a comprehensive learning environment. Information technology is obviously an integral part of every management professional’s life in today’s corporate environment, in one way or another, and the club will aim to hone these skills amongst students, preparing them for the challenges that lay ahead.

The big launch of the club took place on the 4th of September, 2014 and it turned out to be a much talked about event. “Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet,” according to Douglas Adams, the famous writer who fuelled the curiosity for technology with his imagination. And the inaugural event had many young minds from Jaipuria, Noida display these two attributes; curiosity and imagination, in abundance, which definitely is a positive sign for the new club.

Proceedings for the day began with the welcome of Chief Guest Mr. Pankaj Madan, National Marketing Manager and Guest of Honour, Mr. Abhinav Shikawat, Chief Marketing Executive; both from HCL Info system Ltd, a leading name in the industry. Things then started on a bright note with the traditional lighting of the lamp by faculty members, Prof. Durgansh Sharma, Prof. Lalit Sharma and Prof. Richa Misra. Like in the fast paced world of Information Technology, things got underway immediately after as the members of the club were thrust right in the middle of action.

The very first activity of the club was to explore and understand The Power of Micro Blogging. A competition held on this highly relevant topic set the ball rolling as the members of the club were divided into groups of five each. They had to present a blog on some of the most talked about topics in the recent times. The subjects ranged from FIFA Fever on Facebook to Women Empowerment in India, digital marketing to Infrastructural development in the country. Completely charged up with the mission, the participants gave the task their best shot.

Judges comprising the chief guest, the guest of honour and faculty coordinators had a tough time on their hands to select the winner. But finally it was the group that wrote the blog on Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS that won the competition. The bloggers on the topic of FIFA Fever were runners up. As the activities ended on a high, Prof. Richa Misra and Prof. Lalit Sharma presented mementos to the guests. Prof. Durgansh Sharma offered the vote of thanks and urged students to make the most out of the club and take it to greater heights.

But that already seems the agenda for the members of the club, who are thrilled to have the opportunity to come out on iTops. Abhinay Mishra, PGDM 2015 said, “I completely appreciate this initiative taken by our institute and am looking forward to all the learning I can get from it.” Another member of the club was of the opinion that, “Information Technology is the way forward for all professionals and the club will equip us with the latest that will help us in our management careers.” That in itself would be purpose served for an exciting and ambitious club like this one.

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