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Jaipuria Noida is opening up new vistas for current student, Aditya Singh (2015-17)

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Coming from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, Aditya Singh completed a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from GLA University before he joined Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida. Aditya was excited about this new endeavour, and he knew the institute would improve his career prospects and hone his latent talent.

Singh was aware of the standing of the institute before he chose Jaipuria Noida. The draw for him was the institute’s excellent faculty and its reputation for producing students who were not only industry-ready, but who were well-rounded human beings as well.

In the beginning, things got off to a difficult start for Aditya. The first semester was a challenge as his “presentation skills were weak”; in addition, he found it difficult to work with “unfamiliar faces”. However, things soon changed for Aditya: “It took me some time, after which I began to see the difference in my work: my presentation skills improved because of endless practice and my project work got much better.” He was also able to participate in group activities with a lot more freedom than he had been able to at first. For this, Singh says he has to thank the faculty. “The teachers are all very experienced, in addition to being very cooperative and supportive,” he says, adding that amongst his favourite teaching staff, Dr Abhijit Nair stands out. “Mainly because of his teaching style, the way he explains things and his ‘always-ready-to-help’ temperament.”

His time at Jaipuria, Noida opened up new vistas for Aditya. “I have certainly learnt a lot,” he says. “I am an active member of the Media Relations Club (MRC); I have overcome my stage fright (something that he never managed to do during his years as a graduate); I have learned how to make the right decisions; I have also learned a lot about Marketing and Business Development – apart from which, field work has helped me know the market.”

Aditya, who has chosen Marketing and HR as his majors, aspires to join a digital marketing company. His long-term dream, however, is to open an NGO and work for the betterment of the underprivileged. Aditya does not doubt his capability to achieve any of his goals. As he says, “I am hardworking, adaptable to any situation, and a team player with leadership qualities.” All of these are strengths that are bound to help him make a mark in a career of his choice. And for all these achievements, Aditya says he has Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida to thank. “It has been a life-changing experience for me.”

Professor Sonali Singh (Decision Science and Operations), corroborates this when she says, “Aditya puts in a sincere effort in everything he does and also has a helpful temperament. With these two qualities we have really seen him evolve over the last one year. Now he actively participates in different initiatives at the campus, which further help him gain in confidence and experience. “

A good natured Aquarian, Aditya has many friends at Jaipuria’s Noida campus. “We take part in a lot of activities together. We have even travelled to various new destinations together,” he says. His batch mate Rishab Singh adds, “Aditya is a good friend. He is not only fun-loving and adventurous, but he also has excellent skills in photography and is a superb mimic! We can always bank on him to take the best pictures. As part of the MRC he is always aware of different things happening in the campus.”

vAditya’s PGDM journey has certainly been made much more pleasurable because of his close circle of friends. As he says, “My father and my friends serve as great motivators for me in my march ahead into the future.”

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