Jaipuria Noida: An Architectural Marvel Of Integration And Harmonization For Better Education.

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You become what your surroundings are. Learning is a constant process and it happens all the time. “This has been the guiding principle behind the establishment of Jaipuria Noida and it gets reflected in every aspect of the institution, from architecture to curriculum,” says Dr. J.D. Singh, Director General of Jaipuria Noida. “When we are in harmony with the surroundings then everything integrates and this marriage of elements brings out desired result–all round development that eclipses the best in the world,” adds Dr. Singh.

A student during the course spends considerable amount of time on the campus. It has been scientifically proved that one’s ability and interest to absorb and retain information is very much affected by the surroundings, ambience, atmosphere and space available. “We have always believed that in the campus there should be freedom to breathe, freedom to think, freedom to interact,” highlights Dr. Singh while explaining the thoughts that went into designing the architecture and finalizing the curriculum.

Even before you enter the premises of Jaipuria Noida, you get to see the wave that creating ripples in the education world. Well, we are talking about the façade of the campus building which is in the shape of a wave. “This is the wave of learning and every wave of learning says, mitigate the one which has gone by and acquire the fresh one that is coming up,” explains Dr. Singh.

The moment you step in, you get a sense of tranquility in the greenery and free space of campus. You don’t bump into the concrete building; rather big lawn is waiting to embrace you. When you walk through the big corridors, gentle cool breeze will re-energize you. “Every effort has been made to keep students in touch with essential elements of nature—fresh air and sunlight. There are places in the campus where students indulge in group activities like seeing sunrise and sunset while sipping a cup of tea and chatting with friends,” tells Dr. Singh. “The idea essentially was to let people think big, thinks fresh, remain fresh and carry on”, recounts Dr. Singh on the necessity of relaxing in order to be creative and more productive.

Dr. Singh says that when students join Jaipuria Noida, they come with overload of information which bogs them down. Here they are taught the art of unlearning and emptying their cup of knowledge, so that they can retain what is taught to them in the campus. The entire teaching pedagogy and curriculum is designed on the art of isolating the relevant from the not so relevant.

The library, apart from the books, has a lot to teach the students. Here stones teach wisdom lesson if you care to pay attention. It is like a beach inside. “Stones on the river bed or beaches are polished. In the library too, same stones will always keep on reminding that knowledge is a never ending process and we can never claim to have known it all, but the process of acquiring knowledge will polish us, make us shine. Like the flowing water, new creative thoughts should also keep flowing. Importantly, one should keep moving forward” concludes Dr. Singh.

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