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Jaipuria Lucknow’s Konica was three months old as well as successful in her job even before graduating as a PGDM student

Konica started her job three months prior to even graduating as a PGDM student from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. It was February 19, 2018 when she stepped into the floor of S&P Global Market Intelligence as a Data Researcher. She realized- just how far she had come from being the hesitant speaker in the classroom to being a super confident professional. “There were days when I used to get nervous while giving presentations in the classroom and then there were days on campus when I was conducting the internship workshop for my juniors. Such was my transition!” mentions Konica smilingly.

Indeed, for the girl who had not been accustomed to rejections, a handsomely paying job is only the beginning. She recalls her day from the placement season and says- “the beginning of the placement season in B-school requires everyone to keep immense courage. I was being rejected and it was getting increasingly tough for me to accept my failures,” however, Konica chose to keep her hopes high and preparation-higher. She realized GD round to be the crack from where her nemesis was entering and crashing her down. She doubled her speed and went on attending one mock GD after another conducted by the Placement Cell of the B-school. “I did not rest till I was learning to master the tricks and tools to make compelling and lucid arguments to gain the attention of my panel,” says Konica with a determined look. “It was tough but I was relentless in my pursuit, and by the time S&P Global arrived, I knew I was ready!”

Konica is sincerely thankful to Prof. Rashmi Chaudhary who made “the difficult subject of Investment Management interesting,” making Konica gradually grow fond of Finance. When Konica received her news of being finally placed as a Data researcher, she remembers informing Prof. Chaudhary herself and was greeted with a hug. “It felt amazing when she said- ‘you made me proud’.”

Currently at the New York headquartered S&P Global Market Intelligence, Konica is working within a sizeable team where one needs to contribute to individual efforts toward the team’s objective. Does she feel prepared enough, really? “Jaipuria has helped me to be a team player by introducing the wonderful concepts of learning teams in the classroom pedagogy. The B-school provided us constant mentoring at all stages and that helps us to maintain quality in assignments and projects that we take,” answers Konica zealously.

So how has it been so far for the 2018 graduate at her new office? “Wonderful! Beside the regular work, I am a member of women initiative group in my organization. I will soon be applying for a leadership role in a women initiative group of the company.”

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