“Jaipuria Lucknow has one of the finest faculty bases in North India, well networked alumni, and a commendable placements record.” says Ajitesh, Batch of 2012-14

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Ajitesh is the typical millennial youngster. His colleagues at Jaipuria Institute of Management reveal that Ajitesh spends a considerable amount of his free time playing games on the computer, or simply surfing the net, searching for and researching latest Mobile and Computing technologies. A self-confessed “online shopaholic”, Ajitesh is addicted to social media, movies, music and, of course, cricket!

“I chose Jaipuria after much analysis and realised that it will give me an opportunity to be industry-ready, not by trying to make me into someone that I’m not, but by making my natural skills stronger. Jaipuria, Lucknow has one of the finest faculty bases in North India, well networked alumni, and a commendable placements record.”

Ajitesh is described by his teachers as “passionate, optimistic and loyal, and someone who believes in doing smart work”. Born and brought up in Lucknow, Ajitesh is a commerce graduate from Lucknow University.

“My father is a Scale 2 manager in Central Bank of India and I have an elder brother who is a software engineer working with a firm in Pune. I see myself more attuned to the corporate world and therefore decided on pursuing a management course from one of the premier institutes in the country. By the end of my grooming at Jaipuria, I see myself working in a Fortune-500 company. I intend climbing the corporate ladder till I reach a top position in the management of the company, five years from now.”

About to enter his 2nd year at Jaipuria Lucknow, Ajitesh has been an active member of various clubs and groups on campus, such as the Student Affairs Group, Media Relations Club, IT Club, and the Student Interface Committee.

“All these clubs and groups are dynamic hubs. I enjoy being a part of all of these. It’s not easy for me to point out any single club out as the most enjoyable. I can single out the most memorable time I have had here, though. It was at the Jaipuria, Lucknow annual event, Ojas. I enjoyed taking on responsibilities while having fun with my friends during Ojas 2012.”

Ajitesh is looking forward to an even more engaging 2nd Year at Jaipuria Lucknow. He is positive that with the systematic grooming by the world-class faculty at the 6th best B-School in North India, he will be able to fulfill his expectations of himself.