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Jaipuria, Jaipur welcomes students from University of Jammu and offers them an enriching experience

The Jaipuria, Jaipur campus and especially the institute’s state of the art library, played host to students and faculty members of the Department of Library & Information Science, University of Jammu. On the 14th of April, as a part of a study tour, 20 students were able to get hands-on experience through a tour of the different libraries on campus. Not only were they given a warm reception, but this one of a kind experience also allowed them to develop important theoretical and practical learning skills. Jaipuria Institute of Management has always encouraged cross cultural events across its campuses and created platforms for students to discuss and reflect upon issues of diversity in India. That’s one of the reasons why the institute has consistently managed to attract management hopefuls from different parts of the country. This initiative was held with diversity in mind and it played its part in boosting cross-cultural relationship amongst students.

But, after all, it was a learning tour for the students of the Library & Information Science program, and they had plenty to look forward to in the sprawling setup of Jaipuria, Jaipur. To begin with, students were given an orientation on technical classifications in library, which was immensely helpful to them. They were also offered insight into cataloguing and circulation operations, which are the integral elements of library functions.

The fact that Jaipuria, Jaipur has a new age, fully equipped library gave visitors a unique earning experience, because they learned more about automation and digitization processes at work in new, state of the art libraries. Students and visitors on the tour were introduced to the proprietary software and open source software available through the library. Importantly, the visiting students were also briefed on how the institute’s library uses ICT to provide information to students and faculty.

However, this study tour was also about getting practical experience and that was to come later in the day. The visitors had a hands-on training session on management systems, with the help of Moodle, which is used to facilitate online learning. It turned out to be an invigorating exchange session at the end of the day as students from Jaipuria, Jaipur found out more about the library management system used by their visitors, as well.

The students from the University of Jammu then had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director, Jaipuria, Jaipur. After taking a look around the entire campus and mingling with the students of the institute, the visitors left with special memories. As one of the students said, Jaipuria, Jaipur not only opened its doors but its hearts to them. Now that’s something you’d expect from an institute that constantly works towards building such cross cultural bonds.

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