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Jaipuria Jaipur hosts HR Conclave that brings together the ‘who’s who’ from the field of management; offers a fantastic learning experience for the students.

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, recently organized a one-day HR Conclave for the benefit of its students. Themed “The Role of HR in Managing Change”, the conclave brought together over 15 reputable names from the corporate world. These leaders of in the industry participated in the three informative sessions, which were the highlight of the day. Once again, the institute organized a marquee event where invited guests shared their experiences and students gained great insight into the business world. The Inaugural session of the conclave was chaired by Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director Jaipuria, Jaipur. With his invigorating talk he energized the audience for the proceedings of the day. As he delved into the philosophical by quoting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, he presented important ideas and shared his experiences in a manner that all in attendance could relate to. One of the highlights of the talk was when he said, “Students must read a wide range of subjects and topics to enlarge their knowledge base because a high rise building can only be constructed on a large base.”

As students realized the importance of diversifying and being intellectually curious, they were treated to a lively first session of the day. Titled “Leaders as Change Agents”, it brought together big names like Mr. Deepak Malhotra, VP, HR IL & FS, Mr. Syed Jamal, Head, HR Vodafone, Rajasthan, Mr. Shantanu G, Head, HR, Jaipur Rugs, and Mr. Navneet Head, HR, JCB Jaipur. They shared their vast experiences in the field of HR and talked about the importance of leaders in managing change.

The audience that had thronged to the venue to hear from the Human Resource experts was left inspired by the first session. And, to their benefit, there was more in store for them in the second session titled “Talent Acquisition and Development”. Great minds like Mr. Balkishan Sharma, Head, HR, FORTIS Jaipur, Ms. Tanu Pathak Sr., HR Manager, GENPACT, Dr. Vineet Sharma, Sr. Manager, HR, NBC Jaipur, and Ms. Garima Shrivastva, HR Manager, Ericsson Jaipur, converged on the panel to exchange ideas and delve deeper into the topics of talent acquisition and development.

One of the important aspects that came out of this session was the ways to define the competencies of a talented work force. It is definitely a crucial element of HR and something the audience was keen on knowing more about. The chair of the panel was Mr. Rishi Raj, Head Corporate Relations and Placement. He effectively opened the discussion and got the panelists talking about their professional experiences. By the end of it, participants were made aware of the different development initiatives taken by organizations in order to shape their workforce.

“Future of Automation in Talent Management” was the third and final session for the day, and it focused on the needs of our times. Chaired by Mr. Deepak Malhotra VP, HR, IL & FS, the session had names like Mr. Ninaad Desai, Plant Head, HR Coke, and Mr. Jayendra Chaturvedi Head HR, Paayas Milk, Rajasthan. It turned out to be a highly informative session as the participants got to know how automation was employed and how it made a difference to companies on different scales, from Paayas Milk to Coke. They also learned about the role of automation for various functions like recruitment, training and development, and supply and production.

And thus, a highly successful HR conclave, ably coordinated by Dr. Anvay Bhargava, came to an end. It went a long way in helping future HR professionals learn about changes in the industry and how they will play a key role in the process. Not only had they learned from the experiences of seasoned professionals, but they also got to know more about the best practices in the industry. As a HR hopeful xxxx pointed out, “It was truly an enriching session and having so many experts from HR under one roof was brilliant. I will remember the all I learned for a long time.”

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