“Jaipuria is the place where students learn to connect the abstract concept with the physical world in an environment of supervised exploration”

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“Jaipuria is the place where students learn to connect the abstract concept with the physical world in an environment of supervised exploration” says Dr Vinita Srivastava, Marketing Faculty at Jaipuria Noida.

With 17 years of corporate marketing experience, Dr Vinita Srivastava brings a unique practitioner perspective to Jaipuria, Noida. This background brings many advantages to the Institute and its students, she says “Industry experience blended well with theoretical concepts of management gives the students a clear understanding. This understanding lays a strong foundation for developing industry ready attitude and acumen in students. My industry mentor used to say that I have knack for teaching and training, and I agree with her observation.”

Jaipuria Noida was a logical choice for her. “I am highly impressed with robust academic and administrative systems in place in Jaipuria Noida. It provides a conducive atmosphere for honing one’s skills and upgrade knowledge. Change is the only constant factor in this dynamic business scenario and students studying here are privileged to be in a pro-business academic environment. As a marketing faculty I have contributed in enhancing the contents of marketing papers in general and sales and business development in particular.”

A key advantage that the Jaipuria Institutes offer over other institutes is the thriving environment of collaboration between faculty members. This aspect will continue to keep Jaipuria ahead in quality. “Faculty members at Jaipuria Institute of management believe in team work and according to me this is the biggest strength of the faculty fraternity. Collaborative efforts and experience sharing amongst faculty members cogently helps develop a robust system which has focus only on student development.”

The other advantage is the Institute’s student-centric approach. “Our policies and procedures are all student development driven and are diligently followed by the staff and faculty. The teachers leave no stone unturned in following the best practices for imparting the requisite skills and knowledge. Adequate emphasis is being given to academia-industry interface through guest talks, industry visits, live projects, conclaves, conferences, and student led clubs and committees. Initiatives like IDP (Individual Development Program), Uncampus, Alumni Mentoring, student exchange programs with foreign universities, global internships, and BOP (Business Orientation Project) are other examples of this approach.”

Dr.Srivastava strongly believes that the abstract concept is more important than the physical concept. “I strongly believe in the abstract ideology. Passion, belief, motivation and positive attitude are far more powerful than the physical world and actually drive the physical world. Young minds need to be motivated to achieve the impossible. Teaching is not filling a bucket with existing theories but to lead the young minds on a journey of self-learning. I feel the role of an instructor is to lend the basic concepts in simplest manner and to create excitement in students for the subject. This can be achieved by simplifying concepts and connecting them to the real world.”

She also believes that students should be left to explore and understand rather than instructed “My attempt is to create an environment of supervised exploration. I help my students learn the fundamental concepts with case lets, presentations and videos by choosing the best applicable format for the class and concepts. I intend to make the class interesting and engaging by role plays and in class exercises.”