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Jaipuria Institute of Management opens campuses for Physical Classes

In the summer of 2020, when Shivani decided to take admissions for an MBA at Jaipuria Institute of Management, she had a bucket list of things to do on campus.

The one that topped her list was “making memories for life”. But because of the pandemic, her classes were held online regularly until now. Though learning never stopped at Jaipuria, all these months Shivani eagerly waited for the campus to reopen.

College means different things to different people. For some, it’s a mecca where dreams are built, where careers are given shape and the leaders of tomorrow are nurtured. To others, besides a career, college is also a place to make lifetime friends and create campus memories.

Palpable vibrant energy with students’ fills the campus as Jaipuria Institute of Management opens campuses for physical classes.

So, when Jaipuria Institute of Management decided to reopen the campus from January 2021 for physical classes, Shivani of the PGDM/MBA course 2020-22 batch was more than excited.

“The start of physical classes fills me with excitement and eager anticipation of who will join me in my courses and where our discussions will take us,” Shivani says.

Palpable vibrant energy fills the campus air as enthusiastic students return after seven months. The same goes for faculties and staff members who are eager to interact with freshers, newcomers, and existing students.

Everyone is more action-oriented than ever. The spirit to host the annual management fest like Ojas or National conference IIC at Lucknow, Youth 2025 at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, or the annual all-campus alumni meet ‘Punarsangam’ at Jaipuria Noida is exemplary.

Talking about the arrangements on campus, Shivani says, “The Institute has meticulously planned to keep everybody safe and healthy. The institute’s response to the pandemic showcases its resolve towards safety. Their concrete plan to resume classes, with all precautions and safety measures intact, has ensured that each student gets top-of-the-line facilities to get an environment safe as home. Not just that, there are thermal scanners, hand sanitizers, masks, wherever you turn.”

Significant resources have been dedicated to bringing students, faculty, staff, and academic personnel back safely to a healthy campus. Jaipuria Management Institute in India has collaborated with HealthSetGo, one of the reputed healthcare organizations to develop the SOP guidelines on campus. Hundreds of person-hours have gone into planning because every small detail is necessary to prevent COVID-related health risks.

“Of course, the campus is a lot different now. At the entrance, temperature checks are mandatory. Students are strictly asked to follow physical distancing norms be it in the class, library, or cafeteria. Classroom sessions are held with 50% seating capacity,” says Syed Kamran, PGDM 2019-21 batch from Jaipuria Lucknow campus.

For Shivani and her classmates, seeing these arrangements in place conveys that – Jaipuria cares. She looks forward to the remaining semesters of the MBA program.

She says, “I feel it is important to interact with my peers to pursue acts of learning. I believe, besides studies, our class learning community equally shapes our personality.”

Indeed, creating a safe, healthy campus takes elbow grease and human concern.

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