Jaipuria Institute Of Management, Noida, Says No To Plastic!

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Headed by Faculty coordinator Poonam Sharma, Jaipuria is launching its campaign to ban the baddie – plastic – from planet earth. “We want our children to inherit a better earth, a pollution free environment so they remain aware and stay healthy,” she says. “Plastic has invaded our lives. We have begun using it everywhere, indiscriminately. Plastic is the main culprit for global warming. It has endangered life itself.”

Jaipuria Noida’s message is very simple. “Say NO to the use of plastic bags.” It drives home the fact effectively. Plastic choking the very life out of our planet.

Combating this, Jaipuria is taking small steps towards the greater environment cleaning goal. “The plastic habit is so deeply engraved in our psyche,” says Abhishek Pramanik, “that we have to do something really drastic to drive the message home.”

The students of Jaipuria are starting off the No Plastic drive by holding a bag making competition. Bags are the crux of the whole plastic bag invasion because of their convenience. Rarely do people remember to carry bags for their shopping from home. Result? More earth choking plastic. “Today shops charge for the bags, but people don’t mind paying that bit extra to bring their bulky shopping home. We need to do something to help them remember to take their shopping bags along whenever they go out. This is the main reason we are holding a bag making competition,” Abhishek says. Maybe someone could develop an app for mobiles that would be like an alarm so people can remember to carry their own bags? “Or maybe the attractive bags could be hung neatly somewhere near the door?” He asks.

“This bag making competition will be held on 16 December, and is open to all other schools who would like to join in,” Poonam Sharma says.

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