Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida nurtures the student entrepreneur dream club – Illuminati

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They are young, they’re spirited, they’re focused and they’re talented. The name Illuminati strangely belongs to no secret club, but to a group of students from the Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida. Established in 2004, the college offers AICTE approved MBA courses. These students came up with a lucrative business idea that is not only promising, but also a successful venture by today’s young management students.

The Illuminati’s motto is to experience the world of business management and create a platform for their fellow students, to promote Jaipuria Noida as the Brand Ambassador among students and make them feel proud about their institute. They started with production of simple collared T-shirts, bearing their college logo on it. The idea was to sell the product to all the students and faculty, as well as the Jaipuria Alumni. The students would then wear the T-shirt outside to promote the product and their institute at the same time. The T-shirts would also be worn during various college festivals and create a mass familiarity with the Jaipuria logo. The T-shirt would also be worn to college by the students on every casual day, to garner more promotion.

But these young entrepreneurs have a well-planned long term goal ahead of them and they plan to start by integrating this plan with the other Jaipuria branches based inLucknow, Jaipur andIndore. The group also plans to start a business collaboration with corporate and conglomerates soon. However they do not want to be restricted to T-shirt making only use their creativity on other products as well. Illuminati’s main idea is to bring back the lost Indian culture into the modern world with the help of rural artisan- creating a symbiotic relationship between the urban and rural economic growth.

Illuminati is today’s young India, they want to start a new business venture, using the strains of rural and traditional India and create a modern, yet deep-rooted journey into the business management world. This young group of like-minded, business-oriented people has come a long way from just being college students. They have paved a path of success for not just themselves, but also for their fellow students and forthcoming batches.

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