Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, Alumni Executive Body Meet, Held Outside The College Campus Becomes A Big Hit.

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Summary: Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida has for the first time, organized its alumni executive body meet, outside the college campus. Attendance at the meeting was very inspiring and members liked the idea of moving out of the campus every now and then. Efforts are on to find ways to generate more alumni fund and increase the level of interaction among the members.

April 14, 2012 has become a milestone in the Alumni saga of Jaipuria Noida. Earlier also alumni have been interacting, sharing ideas and working together to widen their network, but that was confined to the college campus. But not anymore, as the third executive body meeting of the alumni association grew out of the campus and was held at Country Inn, a hotel in Vaishali, Noida.

“I have been discussing with other alumni members, and they all were of the opinion that we should try and move out of the campus every now and then, to keep an element of surprise. Going by the positive response, we plan to follow this trend in future,” says Prakarsh, an alumnus and one of the organizers.“We managed to break the monotony of same place every time, andthis helped infused new enthusiasm in the whole event, Also, we may even start holding meetings outside the Delhi-NCR,” adds Prakash.

Attendance at the meeting was good and all the credit goes to the intelligent planning of the organizers. The venue being close to metro station, helped many to avoid the heavy traffic of Noida, and it was rather easy for participants to take out time on Saturday. “Organizers remain in constant touch with all the alumni, and everyone’s comfort is kept in mind before finalizing date and venue,” says Prakarsh. At present, there are 22 members in the executive body, and there are plans to increase the number soon. Members include students from all the past batches. Students’ representatives from the present batches are also offered membership, so that they get to understand the working of the association and when they pass out, they will be more familiar and attached to the whole system. This helps bridge thecommunication gap between present and past students as they get to interact regularly at one platform.

Apart from the venue change, there were many first, as many new ideas were floated by the members.“We all have come up with practical ideas to generate more alumni funds and devise ways to increase the level of interaction among the members. We are also inventing methods to increase interaction between alumni and all the present students of the institute, so that students get help of their seniors and fetch suitable placements and assignments,” says Prabhashkumar, another founding member of the association.

Efforts are being made to develop the whole concept in such a way that everyone associated with it gains in the long run. “We all are deeply attached to Jaipuria Noida, and most of the alumni are doing excellent job in their chosen fields. If we all get together then think of the opportunities we bring to the table, and this is available to everyone associated with Jaipuria,” says Rohit Kumar, another alumnus who passed out two years back.

The meet ended with a delicious buffet and a resolve to meet regularly.

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