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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow to Amazon- the story of Aritra Mukherjee, PGDM Class 2019

Aritra of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow was spending his summer 2018 at Vizag with Drona Maps. The organization does city-scale 3D mapping using UAVs, delivering centi-meter scale resolution across the board and Aritra’s internship familiarized him with drones and advanced technology. “During the Amazon interview, the experience came extremely handy,” exclaims the young man who is all set to join the leading e-commerce portal at a package of 16.05 lac p.a.

“No, seriously when I had joined Jaipuria Institute of Management, I had no idea my career would come this far. Like all other aspiring professionals, I secretly dreamt of starting big but I did not imagine it to start this well,” says Aritra while readying himself for a conversation with the Media Committee of the institute.

He was enjoying an ice-cream when the news of his selection with Amazon arrived. Of course he could not believe it at first even though he knew he had given his best in front of the interview panel- however, with a top organization like Amazon, it is always hard to predict. Adding to that, 80 students applied for placements with Amazon. “Plus, the personal interview rounds were tedious and never ending. I attended four rounds,” recalls Aritra who has been actively involved in debate and mock youth parliament sessions. “I always thought I speak well but what came to my real rescue was my ability to act and think like a manager,” adds the man who is now all set to handle a team under him at Amazon. He was asked- “why should Amazon not hire you? Why did you not go overseas to study MBA?” and his answers got him selected!

Jaipuria Institute of Management ensures that each student is trained to locate his/her ability and then convert it to strength. The PGDM curriculum of Jaipuria Institute of Management is dotted with rigorous case study modules, international immersion programmes, workshops, conclaves, industry interactions, summer internship opportunities and live projects. Students like Aritra do not just gain from the edge of the B-school’s pedagogy but also take the leverage of various student clubs, committees and platforms to aide leadership skills from day one at campus

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