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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur Hosts 3-Day MDP on Rajbhasha (Hindi)

The Jaipuria Institute of Management recently hosted a three-day Management Development Program (MDP) on Rajbhasha (Hindi) at its Jaipur campus. It was held from December 26 to 28, and drew 33 participants from the Power Grid Corporations, Ltd.

The theme of the workshop was the use of the Hindi language as a statutory requirement in business. Participants spent three days in sessions which highlighted the growing importance of this topic. The event was highly successful because of participants’ enthusiasm and interest in the topic and in the MDP sessions.

The first day of the program started with a welcome address by Dr. Prabhat Pankj, Director of the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. He highlighted the use of Hindi in the Indian Constitution as an official language. His message was especially well-timed because Rajbhasha (Hindi) has grown in importance during recent years. After this relevant introduction by Dr. Pankj, the MDP sessions began in earnest.

The first session was hosted by Shri Prem Singh, a resource expert, who covered the topics of the statutory requirements of Rajbhasha (Hindi) usage in official and government- functions and procedures and for preparing a checklist of activities to be undertaken for implementing Rajbhasha (Hindi). In addition to these topics Mr. Singh also discussed the President’s Orders on the recommendations of the Committee of Parliament on the official language. Mr. Singh also led a session explaining the President’s Order-1960, the Official Languages Act-1963, the Official Languages Resolution-1968, and the Official Languages Rules-1976. The sessions were extremely informative and were a huge success with the participants. As one attendee stated: “Mr. Singh condensed a lot of complicated information into palatable bits that made it easy for us to understand. I was thoroughly impressed with the session.”

The next session was conducted by Professor S. P. Garg, a faculty member of the Jaipuria Institute of Management-Jaipur. His topic was the use of Hindi through practical approaches such as writing in Hindi, ANUVAD KI PRATIBHA, translating English into Hindi, and writing memos/circular/notices for official purposes. Following this session, Dr. Vichar Das, a resource expert, highlighted the provisions set down by the Central Hindi Training Institutes (CHTI) and the Central Translation Bureau (CTB) to the participants.

A final presentation was made by Ms. Akriti Jain, a student PGDM, 2012-2014, on a lighter topic – motivation and happiness.

Participants who attended the three-day program said they found the experience to be a highly-rewarding one. As one remarked: “The three-day MDP was brilliant. I learned so much about Hindi and I am ready to carry this information over into the real world.” Such responses proved the MDP was a rewarding experience for all that attended.

Shalvi Sharma,
PGDM 2013- 2015

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