“Jaipuria institute of management is a teacher’s paradise. The faculty is treated with respect. Students are driven and committed. Teaching and research both occupy important places.”

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For somebody who has spent more than 18 years in the industry and has been teaching for the last three years, Professor Jones Mathew is regarded as a remarkably sensitive teacher by most of his students at Jaipuria Noida. An Assistant Professor in Marketing, Professor Mathew believes that teaching should be equally effective for the strong and the weak students.

“I follow a roster system in my mind, where I engage students from different locations of the class. So I know which students have not participated in a particular session. I actively encourage the quieter students to shed their inhibitions, and ask and contribute. I play no favourites. Everybody is treated equally in class. Transparency and fair play are good cues for students to engage in a participative class.”

Professor Mathew, who is currently pursuing a PhD, always dedicates a certain part of his lecture to some kind of classroom activity. Apart from his classes, Professor Mathew also heads the Corporate Relations department for Jaipuria Institute of Management.

“Corporate Relations is a key function in a management institute. It covers activities from alumni engagement to curriculum designing, and summer internship placements as well as final placements of students. Through the interaction of the corporate relations department, the institute remains in touch with management practitioners. This helps us to fine tune the academic curriculum as per the requirements of industry.”

Professor Mathew feels that in the Indian context, teachers from an industry background serve a very important purpose in top B-schools like Jaipuria Institute of Management.

“A management student in most B-schools abroad comes with 3-5 years of relevant experience for the course. In India, with a few exceptions, all B-schools have an intake of freshers. This puts them at a disadvantage. When an industry professional with a sound theoretical background teaches a management course, the disadvantage such students face is neutralised to some extent. I believe that is where I am able to contribute the most.”

Professor Jones Mathew is actively involved in bringing in industry guest speakers to Jaipuria Noida through channels like Marketing, Finance and HR Conclaves, and the Jaipuria Annual Management Conference. He strongly believes that these interactions give Jaipuria students the required skills to thrive in a corporate environment.

“Jaipuria Institute of Management is a teacher’s paradise. The faculty is treated with respect. Multiple avenues of personal growth exist. Students are driven and committed. Teaching and research both occupy important places. My personal favourite research subject is Consumer Behaviour. Having been in Sales and Marketing for the better part of 18 years while in industry, the entire focus was on deciphering why and how the ultimate or intermediate consumer behaves the way he/she does. I’m currently working on a paper that explores consumer behaviour and decision-making process for adolescents with a need for uniqueness as the driver.”

Beyond his multiple roles at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Professor Jones Mathew also conducts training programmes for corporates on life skills, negotiations and marketing techniques. He is an adept guitarist and a loves being with his dogs. Every once in a while, he takes a break and heads off to the mountains for some leisurely trekking.