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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore hosts a Lecture on the Ideas of Self-Concept and Locus of Control

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“Dreams and Self-Belief are Free”

Meeta Malik
PGDM, Jaipuria Institute of Management

Those are the prescient words of Mr. Aditya Verma, who addressed students at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore as a Guest Lecturer. Mr. Verma has eight years of experience in Marketing, Human Resources and Business Development with three organizations. He has also been associated with management education since 1997, and has shared his experiences and knowledge with several reputable institutes across India. He is currently working with Sanghri Institute of Management, Indore (SIM).

He opened the session by introducing the topic “Self-Concept”, explaining how it is not fixed and how it changes from day to day. He said, “Each one of us should understand his or her value”, and emphasized that we are all capable of realizing our goals because “Dreams and Self-Belief are free”. He then conducted a small activity on “Analysing Self”. Taking the session forward he shed some light on how people create and destroy their own self-concepts. He also explained the dimension and circle of self-concept, as well as the positive and negative self-concept.

The students were completely engrossed by Mr. Verma’s words, and they were eager to interact with the open and affable speaker. Mr Verma then discussed the Locus of Control, Internal Locus of Control and External Locus of Control. He connected this to Self Efficacy and its four principles. He touched upon both the drawbacks of and tips for developing internal and external locus of control. The session ended with a video titled “21 Things Successful People do differently”. The video used examples to illustrate the power of locus of control and how people use it to succeed. It ended with a quote “Beware of your own Locus of Control”, which is meant to ensure that people are aware of themselves and their capabilities. The session was well received by the students who deal with anxieties of an unknown future and have aspirations that sometimes make them feel helpless. It brought to them the feeling of control and invited them to explore empowerment.

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