Jaipuria Institute of Management celebrates its first Mentorship Day with a lot of passion.

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Jaipuria Institute of Management celebrated its first ever Mentorship Day amidst much fanfare on the 5th of Feb. It was the day when young students from the institute expressed their gratitude to their mentors and acknowledged their efforts.

The Mentorship program run by the institute is much appreciated by the student community because they are guided by expert faculty members. It’s heartening for students to know that there is a mentor close at hand, who can be reached when they are faced with any kind of challenges.

Hence they made the most out of the opportunity offered by the day-long event to let their mentors know how much their efforts meant to them. On the day they were brimming with enthusiasm and excitement, with the infectious energy in the air. That made the event a truly memorable one for all.

The celebrations kicked off with a speech by Dr. Rajiv Thakur, the Director of the institute. In his talk he asserted the reason behind starting a novel program like this one. According to him, its objective is to mould young individuals into well-groomed personalities and professionals of tomorrow.

Young and impressionable minds in today’s competitive world can do with experienced friends, mentors in different walks of their lives. Faculty member Dr. Deepak Singh talked about the vast impact of an important mentor in one’s life; the mother. The institute tries to play its part too by offering special faculty attention to students beyond classroom hours, where time is spent on understanding the problems they face and bringing them up to speed with the rest. (hopefully

It was then the turn of students to come forward and express their gratitude to their mentors. Their heartfelt gratitude made a mark with the gathering that was filled with emotion all around. They talked about how the program had cleared management concepts, offered them insight into the corporate world and instilled confidence to take on their challenges they face along the way.

The day’s proceedings ended with the celebratory cake being cut and snacks served. That was just the icing on the cake for the day that had served a big dollop of emotion mixed with warm feelings for the mentors and mentees alike.

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