Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida’s student Harshita Kumar powers through the pandemic with placement with HCL

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida’s student Harshita Kumar powers through the pandemic with placement with HCL

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COVID 19 is undoubtedly the biggest health crisis most of us have experienced in our lives. Industries are reeling under its impact. In these uncertain times Harshita Kumar of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida bagged a placement with HCL. She tells us how her B School helped her work towards a foolproof career, which has begun with a strong start in this gloomy time.

The student of PGDM Batch 2018-20, who chose Marketing and Banking as her specializations, will step into the role of Project Manager with the industry powerhouse. In a recent report HCL stated that 76% of its India-based employees and 92% of employees in other geographies are enabled to work from home. It’s the most likely scenario for Harshita too. “Yes the lockdown will cause my work to be remote in nature. But since it is mostly digital work, I don’t think working from home will be a problem,” she says with adaptability akin to a pro.

Harshita’s looks forward to working with the massive organization, which has offered her a launchpad to learn and grow. But landing a job with HCL is no mean feat in itself. How did she do it? “The first round of screening involved a general discussion where they asked HR related questions and judged us on confidence and communication skills. The technical round was a personal interview with questions about the role, before the final HR interview,” she sheds light on the selection process.

Harshita admits that she was thrilled to know that she was picked by the company, in what she calls her dream job. It’s something she had set her eyes on from the day she walked onto Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida (Best MBA College in Noida) campus. She believes the transformation she has gone through since is responsible for her placement. “I think I have evolved so much both, personally and professionally. I have built my mental stamina and can face any difficulties with courage. So I think I will be able to function in my professional role with minimal mentorship because of the pandemic,” she says.

Guided by her faculty members, Harshita says that she always felt comfortable taking the initiative. Her exposure to the corporate culture during her program will help her handle the responsibilities smartly in the professional environment. she says now ready to put her training into practice.