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Jaipuria, Indore hosts its Induction Program and welcomes new students in style

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Between the 1st and 12th of July, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore hosted its two-week Induction Program to welcome students of the batch 2015-17. This year, again, the renowned institute has a diverse batch of students from all over the country and it put on an extravaganza with diverse activities to welcome them into the fold.

The main objective of the program, held on the institute’s lush campus, was to familiarize the fresh students with the Jaipuria way of life and start off their academic journeys on the right note. Right at the onset, the students were acquainted with the campus, which is going to be their home for the next two years. Talks from experienced faculty members like Dr. Romi Sainy, Prof. Kalyani Parmal, and Prof. Nitin Merh helped them to understand the importance of foundation courses like Management, Finance, Economics and Communication.

The holistic learning experience that the institute creates is a result of the Life Management sessions that were included in the program.

From discussions on yoga and meditation, which students can do as things get hectic during their PGDM, to academic sessions with faculty members, the program ensured that it was creating the best platform for its new students.

Mr. Idrak Hashmat, a theatre artist from Mumbai, held a four-hour long workshop, which was fun and engaging at the same time. The music workshop and the Art of Living seminar were further highlights of the personality development aspect of the program.

A session on CSR responsibilities was also held to make students aware that as future managers they will have to make contributions towards Indian society, as well. Dr. Harshavardhan Halve, Director, Jaipuria, Indore then hosted the orientation for parents, who were impressed by the amenities offered by the institute, which gave them comfort that their children were in safe hands. The official Inauguration ceremony brought together several esteemed guests from the industry and proved to be an inspiring start to the students’ journey. Mr. Murli Radhakrishnan, Regional Director, MP, Reserve Bank of India was the Guest of Honour, while Dr. Romi Sainy was the Program Chair. Dr. Rajesh, Chief Guest of the occasion, talked about changes in the lives of students and encouraged them to embrace these changes as it’s the way forward.

The new students then had an opportunity to interact with several industry leaders, which was tremendous learning experience for them.

These enriching interactions are going to be a part of student life at Jaipuria, Indore and the new hopefuls got a taste of that during the program. Since these sessions were interspersed with several exciting activities throughout the day, things remained interesting for all in attendance.

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