Jaipuria Indore creates Management Conversations at Dakachya Chaupal

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Written by: Richa Puri, PGDM 2015
Photography: Ayush Maheshwari and Siddhant Yadav, PGDM 2015

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore, recently organized an event entitled ‘Jaipuria Chaupal’. The event targeted at children and their teachers and parents of village Dakachya was the initiative of Jaipuria Admission and CSR Committee. The intent of the event was to have conversations around importance of education, and the role education plays in securing success in life.

It was an experience for Jaipuria students as well who realised the awareness and growth in the villages is catching up. The event began with the students welcoming the children, their guardians and teachers at the venue. An energetic discussion followed that brought out the need for education to be able to create rewarding careers, specifically managers. The concept of management education was explained using the example of their mothers managing households.

Jaipuria students had prepared a list of questions about India and they were surprised to receive all correct answers. The children also displayed a fair hold over English language as the medium of formal communication. The event became fun once the games started and everyone joined in the merriment. The participants expressed their delight during feedback and came forward with their own suggestions.

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