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Jaipur Darshan With Nikita And Prachi, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur

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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur has recently welcomed the 2012-14 batch of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) students. As per tradition, these first-year students were taken around Jaipur, to help them understand local culture and traditions, and enjoy the great City of Maharajas. Nikita Thomas and Prachi Jaiswal, both students of PGDM 2012-14, look back on the most exciting moments in their ‘JAIPUR DARSHAN’.

Nikita –Wasn’t the outing fun? Did you enjoy yourself?

Prachi – It was absolutely fantastic! I think we started our day on the right note by visiting the famous Kagazii Industry’. The owner, Mr. Mohammad Sharif – an entrepreneur who specialises in manufacturing and exporting handmade paper, made from old scraps, clothes and used paper – is really great. I mean, here is a man making the ‘best out of waste’.

Nikita – hmmm… I think it was a good idea to visit not just the manufactured product outlet, but the factory as well. It was really a great learning experience, watching the process of making paper from waste. Those ladies expertly sorting out the scraps and clothes, and then boiling and churning the scraps in huge machines with added colour, were working pretty hard. I found the whole process pretty interesting, from the scraps being put on a sieving tray, wrapped on both the sides with a cloth and pressed, to the paper being hung for drying after it had been pressed. They looked like hundreds of flags!

Prachi – I simply loved the printing on the dried paper. Mr. Mohammad Sharif told me that the paper lasts for more than 10 years. The Kagazi outlet was so full of dazzling and beautiful products. I was compelled to buy a diary as a souvenir.

Nikita – I think the next stop, the magnificent Amer Fort, was absolutely stunning! Yes, climbing those huge steps was exhausting, but once we got to the top, the view was worth it. The fort tells us about the magnificent history of the great Sawais of Jaipur. We really clicked a lot of photos, didn’t we?

Prachi – We certainly did. Remember the ‘Jal Mahal’ and ‘Hawa Mahal’ we saw on our way to the Pink City Mall? Weren’t they grand?

Nikita – They sure were. By the time I reached Pink City Mall, I was so hungry I just can’t tell you…

Prachi – So was I, and so was everybody… after all the walking around at Amer Fort. How we charged into the Food Court!

Nikita – But the shopping after that was so cool; we almost bought out the entire Mall! The event of the day was when the two of us missed our bus! While the rest of the course was on its way to the Birla Temple, we were totally lost in buying stuff. Remember the panic created by our absence… thank God our warden calmly told us to catch an auto to the Birla Temple. Everyone was relieved to see us, but they really asked us a lot of questions.

Prachi- I think the temple was enchanting. The inlay work on the marble was simply magnificent. In fact, my fatigue vanished with the soothing ‘bhajans.’ It was the right place to conclude our ‘Jaipur Darshan.’

Nikita – I guess the day was at an end so we had to get back to college. I’m looking forward to many such outings now that we are at the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.

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