“It started well, it ended well” says Janhvi Singh

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Jaipuria was a culmination of diverse experiences. I entered Jaipuria with a bag full of dreams, ambitions and an urge to experience the new dimension of life. My evolution from being a Proactive Initiator to an Analytical Leader is spectacular. It taught me to ‘Listen to mind and lead through Heart ‘
The curriculum, pedagogy, time management, punctuality, discipline, adherence of the code of conduct, maintaining work life balance and mentoring are the best concepts of college through which I learned who I was, what I believed in, and what I wanted from life. My mind started to become clutter-free, and my thought process clearer. It liberated my mind, encouraging out of the box thinking, learning and imbibing the nuances of management practices and to innovate and to make informed choices.

It gave me a platform to analyse my capabilities and to work upon the areas of improvement. College life is that part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe and mine gave me enough reasons to cherish all of them. Thank you Jaipuria being the part of my bundle of happiness. I wish to remain in touch with the college fraternity for always .

Yes, I’m going to miss each and every day of my college life ; Yes, I’ll miss Jaipuria !!

Janhvi Singh
PGDM Batch 2014-16
Jaipuria Lucknow