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Isha Mishra, 2010-12 Batch – “MBA is about Navigating Your Opportunities into Gainful Experiences ”

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The distinct strength of Jaipuria-Noida’s network, the calibre of people, the high level of student engagement, and the overall environment all stood out for Isha Mishra, who recently graduated from Jaipuria, majoring in Finance and Marketing.

Before her PGDM, she also held a prestigious degree in BTech from Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology.

What Isha loved is that Jaipuria’s culture is incredibly student-driven and dynamic; the school is constantly pushed forward, shaped, and redefined by its students, which is why Jaipuria holds such a fantastic reputation across many fronts. “These elements seem intangible until you visit and see them come to life in its excellent facilities, Infrastructure and energy on campus” says Isha. It’s these overarching qualities, coupled with the strength of the Jaipuria program itself, which made Jaipuria an easy choice for Isha after scoring a great percentile in her CAT.

Once Isha started attending her classes, the two memorable years passed in a whiff…She had a fantastic experience gaining her dual specialisation in Finance and Marketing and was lucky to have a wide spectrum of opportunities under the Jaipuria Label. For once, she was an active member of her Finance and Marketing Club (Jaipuria hosts a range of clubs spanning across different industry verticals such as HR, Finance, Marketing etc). Some themes which she saw included innovative thinking, social responsibility and a strong commitment to personal learning and growth. As you can tell these clubs provide with significant overlapping philosophies from a diverse pool of students and it’s about finding the people and working in groups and approach what you best connect with.

The first year ended with Isha bagging an Internship with a Financial and Operational Consultancy start-up, AG Knowledge Tech. Here she put into practice her financial chisels into delivering Finance & Operational excellence for one of AG’s clients. “I came to Jaipuria to pursue finance and marketing so my summer provided terrific exposure to a consulting set-up, strong networking opportunities, and the foundation to help solidify my longer-term career goals.” Moreso, Isha also wrote white papers for her internship company, which have now been published online.

In many ways Jaipuria is a microcosm for the working world – with many interesting challenges, and a finite amount of time. You have to navigate your experience deliberately and Isha did so by co-ordinating various events for her Annual fest, where she got to try something uncharacteristic.

From a study perspective, Isha not only found her professors incredibly dynamic, but also appreciated the discussion that are grounded in practice and helped her draw impactful insights from them. She was particularly impressed and enjoyed her classes of ‘security Analysis and Portfolio Management’ by Anurag sir. Seeing how practitioners think about these topics is what makes the course that much more impactful, thought-provoking, and relevant.

Post-PGDM, Isha will be moving to join Hyundai Motors in its Marketing Communications group.  “Jaipuria was instrumental in my summer internship and full-time career decisions. Having a renowned, top-tier B-School name and being a target school for many recruiters accelerate the process and made access to companies that much easier” says Isha. The career services did facilitate the on-campus recruiting process, but equally important were Isha’s 1st and 2nd year peers who provided candid conversations, coaching, and feedback through every stage of her recruiting process.

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