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Investment Planning session held by Jaipuria Indore informs and inspires students

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Students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore recently went through a crucial session that proved to be an important learning experience – not just for their management ambitions, but for their lives, as well. After all, it was a session on Investment Planning and what an individual needs to know in order to make the right investment decisions. The institute prepares students to be successful professionals and leaders in their chosen field. This is not only about achieving their goals – it is also about earning potential and financial stability. Overall, this session delivered the important lesson that you can grow your money with discipline and right planning.

The biggest highlight of the session was the fact that it was conducted by Dr. Deepali Dixit, Assistant Director, Securities and Exchange Board of India. She is one of the leading names in the field and was a huge draw amongst the audience, which was comprised of students looking forward to the talk, as it offered a wealth of information that can have an impact on their future. Dr. Dixit was joined by Mr. Ankur Bhandari, and he started the session by giving a brief overview of investments and their huge significance for people’s financial goals.

It was probably just the right time for students in the audience to learn about investments so that they take the right measures as they begin professional careers. The eminent speakers then discussed different investment avenues available to young professionals, outlining the benefits of each. They talked about the pros and cons of different avenues and the factors that young professionals need to consider before putting their money into certain investments.

The Stock Market is often considered to be one of the most exciting and dynamic avenues for investments. However, it’s filled with its own set of risks, which detracts investors. But, Mr. Bhandari offered students insight into the market and asserted that investing in stocks was all about getting the basics right. He also did his best to make students aware of the benefits of investing in shares. Sharing a few experiences of his own and a video to make his point, he then emphasized on the importance of small investment planning, which can benefit young professionals in the long run.

The stage was thus set for Dr. Dixit to make students aware of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the role it plays in the Indian economy. She talked about the various responsibilities of SEBI and acquainted students with the functioning of the organization. Overall, it was an interactive session where students learned not only about the benefits of investing in the stock market, but the risks involved too. The session drove home the point that one should invest for long term gains rather than looking at short term results. As they learned about opportunities in the field, student went back home more knowledgeable and excited about the future.

Article by Line: Namita Chaturvedi
Photography: Ayush Maheshwari

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