Investing Time In My Dreams…

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As I leave for the hostel at the end of the college day, I see groups of students near the canteen, the amphitheatre, near the parking lot, playing basketball listening to music, rushing to complete assignments. But whenever I have some free time I work on the campus company called Illuminati. We started with this club in my first year and as our first assignment we made T Shirts for the school which was a big success. It was amazing to see the T shirts flying off the table in our stall. From there, we ten members of the club have moved on to a lot of cool stuff.Our current assignment is making t-shirts for a pet shop. I won’t name the pet shop, but this is like the big break Illuminati was looking for. Also we (myself and Natasha Verma) are working on an advertisement concept for them. I am really excited and am looking forward to working on this.

Reflecting back, I have traveled the length and breadth of India, as my Father is working in the Indian Air Force. I have stayed in Kashmir, Delhi, Punjab( Amiritsar), Chennai, Agra and Rajasthan. I never really thought of pursuing PGDM till my graduation After getting through PGDM in Jaipuria-Noida things just started to happen on their own. Luckily there was no conflict with my choice of becoming an entrepreneur or pursuing my PGDM. It was my father’s job which gave me the inspiration to do these things. I have lots of ideas that I want to work on and implement. Before Illuminati was formed, Jaipuria Noida, gave us the opportunity to visit and work at Hometown and worked with their sales Manager for fifteen days. From there I got these ideas, how to set up a business, what it takes to start and then we got inspired and started Illuminati. One person I would like to mention is Ravi Ranjan sir (Manager Placement) who helped us give shape to Illuminati.

I am looking forward to establishing Illuminati in the coming years. I want to nurture this dream and make it grow. I have a lot of ideas and any free time I get, is not enough free time. Jaipuria Noida is arming me with information, education and new ideas. For me, right now, my present is golden, and am looking forward to my future!

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