Interning with the Media industry- “not a child’s play” and here’s what Nimisha Dua of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow has to say about her summer

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It’s not just glam and glitz in the world of Media. In fact, behind-the-curtains, the world is full of challenges, ethical ambiguities, pressing deadlines, last minute emergencies and intense test of intelligence. For Nimisha Dua of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, her summer could not be better spent. “I interned with Discovery Communications India and have an insight into the dynamic and fascinating media industry. It gave me the opportunity to analyze my interests, strengths and capabilities,” she says as she recounts her experience.

On the road to self-‘Discovery’ with Discovery Communications India! Just how successful was Nimisha?

nimish1‘A detailed study on the availability and reach of the channels of Discovery Communications India in South and West India’ was the theme of Nimisha’s project. Nimisha had to track the non-availability of the channels in designated weeks and get them functional by talking to the FPRs. “I would start the day by reading news from media industry and carry out data analysis, interpretations, and connect with FPRs to trace any discrepancies. I also did an analysis on chrome data of non-availability of channels and competitor comparison,” she talks about the tasks that brought valuable experience.

Coping with the challenges- you need to walk that extra mile. Did Nimisha do it?

nimish2Nimisha is a Jaipurian after all! Given that it was her first close brush with the corporate world, especially in the media industry, there were bound to be challenges. Getting feedback from the FPRs was one of the biggest challenges, and required perseverance from her in the form of regular emails, calls and text messages. “But throughout my internship I was there with the belief that I was learning something new through these challenges. I was prepared to work for long hours, do more than what was required and go that extra mile to deliver on my responsibilities,” she adds.

Was Nimisha prepared to beat the blues of the Media industry?

Nimisha talks glowingly about her industry and institute mentors, who were always available to clear her doubts and monitor her progress. In fact, before her internship started, her industry mentor offered her special advice to be ready for the challenges. And that has been the case with all the learning experiences at the institute for her. “My biggest learning experience at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow has been being a part of the Media Relations Committee. It taught me to multitask, work in a team and build corporate relationships. I have done that during my internship as well and believe it will be an asset for my future career,” she states strongly.

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