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Inter-campus Media Relations Committee meet at Jaipuria, Noida acknowledges the efforts of the club, encourages members to go bigger, better and higher

Meeta Malik,
PGDM, Class: 2014- 2016

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida recently hosted its inter-campus Media Relations Club (MRC) meet amidst much enthusiasm. The two-day event held on 8th and 9th September brought together MRC members from all four campuses of the institute to discuss the latest developments and share their experiences. The club that is responsible for building the Jaipuria brand amongst different stakeholders, inside and outside the organization, also discussed its vision, mission and goals for the upcoming year.

One of the major responsibilities of the MRC is to build a link between the institute and the world outside by offering positive practices and policies. It also does its best to create awareness and build a healthy public image of the institute while generating goodwill about its activities. Thus, with a lot at stake and plenty to play for, the annual inter-campus MRC meet assumes great significance. It was no different this year as the Noida campus provided the perfect setting for an event that turned out to be an invigorating experience for all members.

The meet began with the traditional lighting of the lamp before Ms. Ankita Singh, Jaipuria Corporate Office, Marketing and Admissions welcomed Dr. Rajiv Thakur, Director, Jaipuria, Noida, onto the stage. Dr. Thakur praised the work MRC has done throughout the year. It was all the encouragement the members needed to keep up with their efforts – and, this encouragement will push them to go further and work harder in the future. He also talked about the importance of the event and reminded members of the significance of the job they were doing for their institute.

Mr. Amit Attry, Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Relations, Jaipuria Institute of Management, then took over for an interactive session where he asked the members to share their experiences. Through the exercise, he drilled home the importance of experience sharing to build a bridge with the outside world. The Icebreaking session allowed students to introduce themselves so that the members of the club could know more about each other. The presentation of the Flashback Journey by MRC members from all campuses was an enjoyable viewing experience for all in attendance.

While the group looked back and hoped to learn from the past experiences, it was time to think ahead, with a focus on social media and its importance in future endeavours. Dr. Poonam Sharma, MRC coordinator and Marketing faculty, Jaipuria, Noida, talked about how social media tools can be used to enhance the brand image of the institute. Experts from Esquared Inc. then conducted sessions that had a big impact on the members. Mr. Bejoy Suri, Director, Esquared Inc., in his session ‘Mission 2015’, informed the members about engaging people through social media.

Ms. Riyanka Basu, Public Relations and Business Communication Officer, Esquared Inc., used her presentation to highlight the importance of effective content writing and discussed the right and wrong approaches towards everyday communication. Mr. Shashank Rohella, Video Editor, Esquared Inc., discussed the basics of good videography and photography, noting its importance in communication and awareness. The day ended with Case Studies – members from all the four campuses were divided into teams in order to focus on building and maintaining a strong collaborative work environment.

Manish Kumar, Director, Iridium Interactive, began the proceedings on day two with a session on Social Media. He talked about using social media to maximize exposure, and he discussed the importance of networking. He stressed on the point that posts should be interactive and visually appealing to have the desired impact. Case Study presentations from different teams followed, and they were evaluated by Ms. Gunjan Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Esquared Inc. with helpful feedback that allowed the members to gain more knowledge. The top two presentations also won awards, and, of course, bragging rights for the day.

The event drew to a close with a prize distribution ceremony conducted by Mr. Amit Attry and Dr. Poonam Sharma. All the members of the MRC were acknowledged and presented gifts for their contributions to the club and the brand as a whole. The event had served its purpose of bringing the members of the club from all campuses closer, and instilling the importance of its goals and activities. The members left the two-day event knowing that their contributions were appreciated, and that the value of membership continues to grow.

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