In my practice, I handle different situations that businesses face on a daily basis. I’m happy that this knowledge is of great value to young, enthusiastic students of Jaipuria.” says Mr. Prashant Sipani

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Mr. Prashant Sipani is the ideal example of how well the classroom teaching at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur is integrated with industry. A professional CA with his own thriving practice for the last 13 years, Mr. Sipani handles situations related to Accounting, Legal matters, Taxation and Project Financing for his clients. An ACA, FCS and MBA in Finance, Mr. Sipani is one of the most prominent visiting faculty members for Finance and Accountancy at Jaipuria. Interestingly, Mr. Sipani has been teaching as visiting/ guest faculty in numerous universities and colleges for almost as long as he has been practicing. He feels that it is only natural for him to share knowledge with the next generation of knowledge seekers.

“In my practice, I handle different situations that businesses face on a daily basis. It is my job to remain updated about the latest developments in government policy, legal aspects and industry, so as to provide solutions that will help my clients prosper. I’m happy that this knowledge of mine is of great value to young, enthusiastic students of Jaipuria, Jaipur.”

Mr. Sipani usually is a participant or speaker in almost every workshop organised by the faculty at Jaipuria. Jaipur. As visiting faculty, Mr. Sipani may not have the time to help organise numerous on-campus activities at Jaipuria, but he always dedicates time to participating in and attending them. His advice on various events is actively sought on campus, and he is often called upon to give feedback as a neutral viewer.

“In my classes, I involve the students in the topic – explaining it, emphasising its importance in industry and discussing cases of companies related to the topic. My teaching experience with Jaipuria, Jaipur has been a big learning for me as well. While I’ve enjoyed making them aware of the developments taking place in the corporate world, as visiting faculty I have found the opportunity to interact with youngsters, to have discussion with them, and share their opinions and thoughts.”

Through personal examples, Mr. Sipani never fails to underscore the fact to his students that success cannot be achieved without perseverance and hard work.

“Take every event – even failures – as an opportunity to learn,” he advises the young future managers at Jaipuria, Jaipuria, “because there is no bigger teacher than your own experience.”