If your internship is easy, you are probably not learning anything. What does Reema have to say after attending her SIP at GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd.?

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reema1Reema Sharma, student of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur had a more than stunner of a Summer Internship. There are some things that classroom theories cannot complete. That’s where relevant SIPs step in. Reema did her summer stint with GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd. “Three things you can never learn through concepts are surviving in the unpredictable market, listening to complaints and finding solutions, and managing all levels of people associated with you,” she says wizened after her internship experience.

How was Reema’s Summer project relevant?

For her project on ‘Market analysis of health food drinks in NCR region’ Reema had to work in the Gurgaon corporate office of the company. She received a handsome stipend for her contributions but above all she received guidance from professionals, especially her mentor, which ensured that she learned the ropes of the corporate world. “My college mentor offered me guidelines to have a successful internship. The industry mentor gave me appropriate plans and goals, which made my tasks easier. Interacting with professionals was exciting too,” she claims.

Did Reema get to walk the extra mile? Oh, more than you can imagine!

Reema chooses to look at all the positives, but working in a professional environment for the first time had its challenges too. Every day she had a list of retailers to cover, create a sales report and put together daily observations. It took her to “strange places” in sweltering summer months, which led to various difficulties. “But I wasn’t really expecting things to be easy. I was also gathering grievances from retailers and communicating them to sales head. My motivation was my passion towards sales and the feedback I got from my guide,” she says.

reema2Did the internship bring any value addition to Reema?

Reema asserts that the internship has not only given her an insight into the world of Sales but it has also improved her communication and interpersonal skills. These are assets that she will take to her professional life in the future. She calls internships a vital experience for management aspirants because in many ways it’s a dress rehearsal to professional roles.

How did she beat the blues of her summer stint?

She remarks- “Show passion towards your work, focus on tackling problems and never give up, and learn from the experience. It will go a long way in molding you.”
Clearly Reema has done that to good effect, and the results are showing as she is transformed into a professional, who can give her best in the corporate world.