If you got Digital Media as your job function in mind, Vikas Rajput’s session with Jaipuria, Jaipur students got meaningful insights for you

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Latest studies have shown that Internet users in India will double by 750 millions with 2020, alongside a predicted 358 millions social media users sitting and making decisions in Ecommerce and networking portals. Of course, the times, they are changing.

Mr. Vikas Rajput, Co-Founder of Parallel Living was invited at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur to deliver a talk and give the real life instances of beliefs and assumptions attached to the world of Digital Media Marketing. Rajput has a commendable IT background and his research centre has five verticals – education, digital marketing, tourism, business research and copywriting. He shared his own experiences with students to drill home the points.

Through the workshop at Jaipuria, Jaipur Rajput highlighted that Digital Marketing has wide ranging benefits for businesses and organizations. According to him it can be used to leverage greater customer acquisition as well as engagement with a view to ensure huge profitability. He had heartening news for students interested in the field. “With more companies taking to Digital Marketing, your expertise will boost your employability prospects further,” he said.

Rajput then explained different areas of Digital Marketing and what they entail. Social media marketing, search engine marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, content marketing and email marketing are the areas that have to be paid individual attention to for the whole campaign to come together. He offered the students tips and tricks of the trade, which they will hold on to in their professional careers as well. “Do something different and do it regularly, not just once,” was his motivating advice to students.

The aim of the workshop at Jaipuria, Jaipur was to enable and encourage future Digital Marketing managers. It was designed in a way to make digital enthusiasts ready for their dream jobs in the e-commerce and social media space. Mr. Rajput managed that effectively by concluding the session talking about different new age tools that professionals can use to good effect. He offered participants a chance to get hands on training with these tools as they got real time marketing experience firsthand. That made the workshop truly exciting as one of the students claimed, “We got amazing amount of exposure and knowledge that will be useful for our job functions in the future.”