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“I see myself at par and competing with IIM graduates, after passing out of Jaipuria Institute of Management.” – Bhavana Tandon

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Bhavana Tandon joined Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida after her graduation in Commerce from Daulat Ram College (DU). Bhavana, who was recognised as ‘The Best All-Round Student’ at DRC, is leaving no stone unturned to leave a mark in the history of Jaipuria Institute of Management. So far, she has done an excellent job of it. Bhavana has successfully conducted numerous activities and events as the HR Coordinator, Coordinator of the Research Committee of the Finance Club ‘Hiranya’, and an active co-coordinator of ‘Spardha’- the Annual Sports Meet of 2012-2013 – during her first year at Jaipuria Noida. Her hard work was recently recognised when she was made the Vice-President of the Internal Committee for her final year at Jaipuria Institute of Management.

“All these responsibilities have made me realise just how we are accountable and responsible for a task as in the corporate world. I tried my best to be an active participant in almost all the activities in and around the campus (Collage Making, Poster Making, Mind Game, Article Writing, Singing and Shot put). I’ve had the opportunity to attend numerous conferences and seminars and represented our college at Amity, Jaipuria Jaipur, the OOH Conference, etc. I also found the wonderful opportunity of working on a LIVE project with Dalmia Healthcare Ltd.”

Bhavana Tandon hails from Mirzapur – a place between Allahabad and Varanasi – but has been staying in Delhi for the last seven years now. Though she comes from a business family, Bhavana counts herself fortunate to have parents with a broad world-view, who insisted on her being independent and capable of earning a better living.

“It was the lure of quality education that drove me towards Jaipuria. I could see myself at par, and competing with, IIM graduates after passing out of Jaipuria Institute of Management. The constant support from all the faculty members cannot be explained in words. It is as if we are family of Jaipurians. Faculty members are the strongest pillars of Jaipuria. Irrespective of the time of the day, they are always keen to help you out. They go out of their way to find time for you always; the only pre-condition is that you should be interested in learning new things. They are caring and loving, treating you as their own children.”

Bhavana spends her leisure time solving Sudoku and other puzzles, listening to songs, and going on adventure trips like trekking, skiing, water rafting, mountaineering… things she had never done before coming to Jaipuria Institute of Management. She has a passionate inclination towards social causes, working with visually challenged students, Old Age Homes, HIV/ AIDS infected people, and the ‘Tobacco Free Brigade’.

“My most memorable time in Jaipuria as a first year student would be the long hours spent in the cabins of faculty members, discussing issues related to academics or my personal development. Seniors, too, play a big role in Jaipuria Institute of Management, acting as a source of inspiration for juniors.”

On passing out from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Bhavana plans to crack the profile of an Investment Banker or a Financial Advisor, Researcher, or Credit Analyst.

Bhavana Tandon’s testimonial by Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Pankaj was Bhavana’s teacher in Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida.

“Bhavana is an exceptional student, with a flair for academics and learning. She is a good reader and I find that she is ready to learn from any circumstances. She is quite logical and precise in her expression, and very knowledgeable. She is a hard worker that one can rely on. I am sure she has all the qualities needed to excel in her life and career. I wish her good luck.”

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