“I now understand group dynamics better. Know how to negotiate and convince people and have understood that a manager’s job is to bring different kinds of people together.” – Snehlata Kashyap

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Snehlata Kashyap is described by her batchmates at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore, as ‘highly disciplined, sincere, tomboyish and a real foodie!’ Highly creative by nature, Snehalata wants to reinvent or improve most things around her. Beyond her classroom hours, she is either seen reading books, or painting, or exploring and collecting coins.

“I enjoy being in all places at the same time; trying to put my legs, hands or head in everything that’s going on at Jaipuria Indore. The most interesting thing is managing the mess that I create for myself by taking on so many responsibilities. I have been a core committee member for all the events that were held in Jaipuria Indore in our first year – Encore, Finance, Marketing and HR conclaves, E-week and the Big Data event.”

Snehalata is now the coordinator of Jaipuria Indore’s MRC. She is also on the Sports committee as well as the Library committee. She finds great satisfaction in being a part of UGAM, an evening school initiative by Jaipuria Indore for Dakachya village kids. In fact, Snehalata has left a mark on other Jaipuria campuses as well, winning the Rangoli competition (Ojas) at Jaipuria Lucknow, and Kalakrati (Abhyudaya) at Jaipuria Jaipur. Within Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore, she was the winner for the best Marketing Plan (Marketing Wizard), as well as Skit, Rangoli and Face Painting competitions during Jai Utsav.

“I was in search of a good management college where I could explore myself. Not only is ‘Jaipuria Institute of Management’ brand well reputed, it also allows you diversified areas of specialisation, has excellent mentors, beautiful infrastructure and convenient fees. The concept of complete digitalisation of management education only makes Jaipuria Indore more attractive as an option.”

Snehalata strongly believes that Jaipuria Institute of Management, despite being around only for a decade-and-half, has emerged as one of the top five Education Groups in India because of its faculty.

“It took us some time to realise that our teachers discussed our individual talents and how best to groom us on the right lines, even during their break periods. They are always watching, guiding and evaluating our growth on each level in the campus. The Director, Dr. J.P. Upadhyaya, is always on the lookout for the best for his students. He is always on our side. Often, in the middle of lectures, he steps in to insure the quality of learning that we are getting. He puts in a lot of effort in conducting workshops for both faculty and students.”

Snehalata’s first year at Jaipuria Indore has been an extremely memorable one, especially the experience of sitting on the floor of the common room, collectively trying to finish off assignments after midnight. “Every single one of us felt we would not be able to pull it off. Yet, somehow every morning, we would have managed to complete our assignments. Jaipuria Institute of Management has brought about a remarkable change in me. I used to be a rebel without a cause; Jaipuria Indore has made me understand the importance of choosing my battles carefully. I now understand group dynamics better I have begun negotiating and convincing people and have understood that a manager needs to be able to bring different kinds of people together. I am now more mature and capable of taking far more sensible decisions than I took before joining Jaipuria Institute of Management.”

Snehalata Kashyap dreams of the day when she will be able to fulfill of her mother’s every desire, make her family proud, and still have enough to distribute amongst the less fortunate. She is positive that Jaipuria Institute of Management will help her realise this dream.