“I like the way Jaipuria Institute of Management works overtime to make every event it is associated with a thumping success.”

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Priyanka Priya is the star of her batch at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida. Endowed with exceptional communication skills, Priyanka has been a part of almost every event that has been organised at Jaipuria Noida.

“Jaipuria Institute of Management provides so many opportunities for extracurricular activities and triggers new interests in us. I never miss an opportunity to be a part of a debate. I was also a committee member in events like Spardha – the annual sports event – and Udaan. Managing these events has made me more responsible. I like the way Jaipuria Institute of Management works overtime to make every event that it is associated with a thumping success. Being a part of the literary club fest ‘Words Worth’ was also a wonderful experience. But my most memorable moment came when I won the collage making competition. Of course, it is a matter of pride to be a campus journalist on the elite Jaipuria MRC (Media Relations Club) Team. I enjoy contributing with editorial inputs across various media that Jaipuria Institute of Management has, such as blogs and the website.”

Priyanka Priya comes from the ‘steel capital’ of India, Jamshedpur. After her intermediate from Jamshedpur Public School, Priyanka was selected for a BBM from one of the famed institutions of Bangalore, M S Ramaiah College.

“After a BBM from M S Ramaiah College, I had appeared for entrance tests to various management institutes. While I had fairly good options, I wanted to move closer to my home-town. I had heard a lot of praise for Jaipuria Institute of Management from my friends in Delhi. It was, in fact, this ‘word of mouth’ appraisal that helped me choose Jaipuria Noida as my management college.”

Priyanka is quite popular among her colleagues at Jaipuria Noida, especially because of her football skills! During breaks, when not kicking a ball around, she is often seen deeply engrossed in some novel or the other.

“Jaipuria Noida gives its students a lot of freedom. The faculty is awesome, interactive and go out of their way to help us. I have never felt any sense of hesitation in approaching them, even with a silly question. We have one mentor per study group, who helps us improve upon our weaknesses through various activity-based exercises.”

Priyanka is targeting the profile of an assistant manager in the private banking sector on passing out of Jaipuria Noida. She is confident that the effective and innovative learnings at Jaipuria Institute of Management will translate into a good placement, and ultimately a great career in the corporate world.