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I have such fond memories of every moment I spent at Jaipuria, Indore

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“I have such fond memories of every moment I spent at Jaipuria, Indore. Every single celebration, club meetings, even exam time!” says Shruti Priya Batch of (2014-16)

Patna girl, Shruti Priya graduated with a BCA from Patna University and then decided to do an MBA in order “to enhance my qualifications and climb up the corporate ladder.” With plans to start her own firm, this young lady also wanted to get a basic knowledge about management and entrepreneurship.

Her decision to join Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore was as she says a big one for her and her family, “I belong to a middle class family from a small town like Patna and it goes without saying that for my parents it was a big step to send their daughter to some other city tostudy — that too by getting an education loan!” But Shruti Priya knew it was the right decision. “Jaipuria, Indore has an excellent reputation and the faculty is very good. And I was just expecting to work hard in order to get a job with a fat pay packet!” she says. However, the whole Jaipuria, Indore experience was a very uplifting one as she was to discover. “I have such fond memories of every moment I spent there. Every single celebration, club meetings, even exam time! I recall the midnight assignments, all my sports activities like playing volleyball and the time when I won the 4th National Seminar on ‘Demystifying the Union Budgets’. Jaipuria, Indore was my second home and I miss campus life,” she says.

After spending almost two years at Jaipuria, Indore (2014-16), Shruti Priya says she has changed as a person. “Changes are a part of life. I have always been confident but now I am more skilled, more professional and logical,” she explains. Recalling her summer internship, this young woman says that it was“not through college but it was the best one in the history of Jaipuria, Indore! It was from DDB Mudra Group, the second largest advertising agency in India. Mydissertation topic was, ‘Experiential Marketing’and they offered me a Pre Placement Interview!”

Explaining her campus placement interview with Careers360, Shruti Priya says it was “awesome.”Her interview “was the longest in the history of Jaipuria, Indore. I had four rounds of interviews and I cracked all of them very easily as I was very confident. The fact that I had a ready-to-learnattitude was the turning point in the interview process,” she says.

Today, as Management Trainee (Branding) at Careers360 – a profile that she confesses is “a difficult one to get in the initial days of your job,” Shruti Priya’s key responsibility areas are“to set good standards ofcommunication about the brand. Understand what the company is offering and communicate this properly to thetarget group on every platform in terms of audio, video, print and online advertisements.”

And her advice to the current batch preparing for interviews? The answer is simple — “Just be confident.”

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