“I create an environment for debate in my classroom at Jaipuria Lucknow. This helps generate a lot of ideas in a course of 30 hours.”

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Dr. Ankit Mehrotra has the crucial role of preparing students at Jaipuria Lucknow in Information Technology. He understands that students will have to master technological tools, irrespective of whether they specialise in Marketing, Operations, HR or Finance.

“Over the past 8 years at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, I’ve taught various courses like Management Information Systems, Information Technology for Management, E-commerce, Data Mining, Intelligent Interface for Managerial Decisions and Database Management Systems. Of all these, my personal favourite is teaching analytics through MS-Excel, and Intelligent Interface for Managerial Decisions and Data Mining. I find these subjects to be of utmost value for the students of Management. In today’s world of a never-ending flow of data, it becomes very important for a manager to mine relevant pieces of information from the heap of data that he is exposed to, and use this mined data for personal and organisational growth.”

Dr. Mehrotra, with his rich experience as an IT academician, always keeps his classes in Jaipuria Lucknow heavy in practical insights and know-how, especially in various IT tools. His single focus is to ensure that his students are market-ready when they graduate from the institute.

“Over and above my academic responsibilities, I have certain administrative responsibilities at Jaipuria Lucknow. As the Chairperson of the Part-Time PGDM programme, I coordinate the scheduling of classes, examinations, resolving of student’s grievances, etc. I am also involved in conducting Case Analysis and Personal Interviews for various candidates for admissions to Jaipuria Lucknow from time to time.”

Dr. Ankit Mehrotra feels that nothing is more rewarding than a call from a former student informing him about the effectiveness in the workplace of a particular analysis skill learnt in his class at Jaipuria Lucknow.

“My teaching philosophy revolves around the concept of ‘learning to learn’. I stick to the basics in my classroom – basic conceptual knowledge, basic analysis skills and basic presentation skills – and then create an environment of debate, so that students probe and prod their way through my lessons at Jaipuria Lucknow. This helps generate a lot of ideas in a course of 30 hours duration. Moreover, once the basic concepts are clear, the students can build on those concepts and can resolve even the toughest challenges.”

Dr. Mehrotra feels that he has grown immensely as a teacher and a researcher during his 8 years at Jaipuria Lucknow. He believes that a management student has to be a student for life. A good B-school like Jaipuria Lucknow prepares a student to be a knowledge-receiver throughout, and helps him or her develop a knack for understanding the issues involved in a situation.