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My experience with Jaipuria has been priceless

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My name is Pratham Inani. I was born in Indore and spent 23 years of excitement and learning in this city. For graduation, I did my Bachelor of Engineering from SVCE Indore and alongside that, I was working as Administrator and Manager of “myMO” News and Web-Solutions. Through this experience, I gained three-and-a-half years of experience in education as well as the corporate world. After graduating, I realised that I was born to be a manager and that made me opt for a career in Management; I decided to do PGDM and took HR and Marketing as my Major subjects.

Having some past experience of working in an organisation gave me the signal that I was meant to be a Manager, as I used to do all the work which was done by a Marketing Manager and HR Manager. In a sense, the company gave me the confidence to shift from a technical background to management.

I came to Jaipuria Institute of Management with a dream to learn and to grab knowledge wherever I could get it. My first statement to our professor, Mr. Kanak Gupta was that I wanted to be a manager through practical knowledge and not only through book learning. One year of experience in Jaipuria confirmed my belief that I had picked the right college. College gave me multiple opportunities to prove myself and gave me the chance to improve my skills.

Being in Jaipuria, I got a chance to work in DCB Bank Ltd. as a Summer Intern. My internship was in the field of HR – Recruitments in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The DCB internship was the experience of a lifetime, as it showed me a new aspect of the corporate world. Time management, resource management and professionalism were just some of the basic lessons I learnt through my internship. Apart from these, I observed and learned all the basic HR practices which are used practically in the HR department of a bank.

My project was based on modules and each module focused on a different area. I handled three modules, which were based on Web Designing, Social Media Presence and Daily Assignments of the Recruitment team of a Bank. I successfully completed and submitted each of these Modules and they were appreciated and implemented by DCB Bank.

I completed 60 days of my SIP with valuable contribution and guidance from my Faculty Mentor – Prof. Kanak Gupta, Industry Mentor and Project Guide- Ms. Hamsaz Vasunia (GVP – Human Resource) and Ms. Ashu Sawhney (Head – Recruitments). The full Recruitment team, which included Kamakshi, Alen, Tarana, Priya and Shivendu  also added to the excitement and dynamism of the experience.

The SIP was the best experience I have had in my growing years and it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of all the working members of the Jaipuria team. I give serious thanks to the Jaipuria Institute of Management for giving me another opportunity to work in a corporate and add to my basket of my skill-sets.

To date, my experience with Jaipuria has been priceless and today I feel confident that in choosing the Jaipuria Institute, I have set out on the path to a successful future.


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