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“I am working very hard to be the kind of teacher who inspires her students. I want to be like my teachers in Jaipuria Institute of Management.”

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As a teacher of Commerce in Kanoria PG College, Jaipur, Ruchika Jhuraney teaches Business Administration. She is also pursuing a PhD in Marketing from the University of Rajasthan (Business Administration department) at the same time.

“I am a product of the 2007-09 batch of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. It was really wonderful to see Jaipuria Institute of Management deliver on its promise of a good placement, when I was placed on-campus with Genpact as Management Trainee. Mind you, we passed out just when the recession hit the markets. I experienced corporate life in Genpact, but soon decided to switch to teaching as I wanted to share the knowledge I had gained with other students.”

With her impressive credentials, Ruchika had no trouble in being taken on as faculty at Kanoria College. She also cleared the University of Rajasthan entrance exam for her PhD(MPAT).

“I have lots of wonderful memories of Jaipuria Institute of Management, but what impressed me most – and was one of the reasons for my shifting to academia – was the guidance of teachers who knew their subjects so well and were always willing to solve their students’ doubts. The facility of studying in a well-stocked library at one’s own convenience is also something I remember fondly.Completing projects and preparing presentations in groups, and coordinating various competitions, fests, and Abhyudaya – Jaipuria’s annual management fest – helped us develop team spirit.Even today, I’m in constant touch with the faculty members and my batch-mates from Jaipuria Jaipur on Whatsapp, as well as other social networking sites. Itry not to miss the alumni meets and management fests.”

As a teacher by choice, Ruchika believes that good teachers are the need of the hour.

“I am working very hard to be that kind of a teacher – a teacher who inspires. I want to help my students develop real interest in their subjects and not to just study for the sake of it. I want to be like my teachers in Jaipuria Institute of Management.Studying at Jaipuria Jaipur helped me develop a long-lasting interest inand aptitude for the process of education. Making frequent presentations helped us to get rid of stage fright and develop more confidence and faith in ourselves. Irrespective of whether it’s the corporate world or academia, the ability to address and engage a lot of people at the same time is worth its weight in gold.”

Ruchika believes that Jaipuria Institute prepared her along the lines of the Bhagvada Geeta–‘Work hard, compete harder, and leave the result to the powers that be’.

“I am having a great time as a teacher. My students are the nearly the same age as I am, so it’s easier to understand and teach them; it’s easier to relate to their problems and subject-related anxieties since I’ve beenin that situation very recently. I am positive that I will be able to carve out a niche for myself in academia – as a teacher as well as researcher – and make my mentors in Jaipuria Institute of Management proud.”

Ruchika has been keenly observing the phenomenal growth in the numbers of national and international seminars and conferences for its students, as well as FDPs for faculty across the Rajasthan region. She is extremely proud of the fact that Jaipuria Jaipur is playing the role of the leading management college in Rajasthan with great aplomb.

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