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How true is it that without quality there’s only so much branding can do for organizations?

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We asked Dr. Poonam Sharma, Professor- Marketing, Jaipuria Institute of Management

With over two decades of work experience in Marketing and Branding, Dr. Poonam Sharma, Professor – Marketing at Jaipuria, Noida is a definite expert in the field. Her deep insight into the subject is expressed when she says, “Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. The company must learn how to engage its consumers with authenticity and transparency.” And she applies similar mantra to classroom interactions, taking her point across effectively to students.

Loved by them as a mentor and a friend, Dr. Sharma has devised unique strategies to keep things lively and engaging in the classroom. She lets us in on the secret of successful classroom environment. “I try to use examples, videos; break the monotony in the classroom and encourage students to interact. You have to realize that students don’t have long attention spans, but they participate in discussions and are involved. It helps them understand the concepts better. Learning in classroom can actually be a lot of fun too,” she says with a smile.

Dr. Sharma has worked with several big names in the industry and academia, including international universities. She brings this experience to the table for her students to learn and grow from. She also keeps them abreast with the latest in the field, which is constantly evolving. “Communication and responsible brand behavior of companies will make consumers believe that the organization is not just about profits but is also for larger interests of society. Only a sustained effort will win brand credibility with customers, and all other stake holders,” she states.

However, according to Dr. Sharma, without quality there’s only so much branding can do for organizations. She cites the examples of brands like Apple, Ferrari, Toyota, etc while saying, “They have managed to build credibility over the years on the back of the quality they offer. But at the same time, all good stories need to be told, which is why branding has to be strong.” She is trying to tell some too, through her research, after having already published 18 case studies and papers. She is presently working on “Responsible Branding: That’s The Tom’s Mission”.

Ask her about major differences she sees in academic culture in India and abroad, given her own experiences with foreign universities and she says thoughtfully, “Collaborative approach is big in the West; they set up expectations and tie up with the corporate. The onus of learning there is completely on students and focus is on practical exposure. Things are changing in India as well, and we are slowly getting to that level.” With her approach to education and learning, Dr. Sharma is definitely playing her part.

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