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How to Prepare for CAT 2022 with no Physical Coaching?

How to Prepare for CAT with no Physical Coaching during COVID?

We have all been hearing about the term “global crisis” for some time now; through the recession, political turmoils, etc. But this year when the Covid-19 pandemic struck we realized the true meaning of the word. The impact has been universal and in several instances, devastating. If you are preparing for the crucial CAT entrance then you have felt the ripples of the effect too. But as they say, every challenge and crisis also presents an opportunity.

You might have been locked down in the house without access to physical coaching as you prepare for CAT 2022. But you can look at these unprecedented times as an avenue to unlock your true potential and fool-proof your results, which are your ticket to top B Schools in the country. How? For starters, don’t be unnerved by the idea of not getting physical coaching to rely on. There are many instances where CAT aspirants have done brilliantly through self-study.

One of the biggest advantages CAT candidates have during the period of lock-down is that you can solely focus on your preparations. In usual circumstances, you will be juggling several responsibilities including traveling to college, coaching classes, etc. Of course, there are many distractions along the way. But the imposed isolation is an opportunity to open the doors to some of the best management institutes in India through self-study.

Simple Tips to prepare for CAT 2022 without Physical Coaching:

  • The Social Dilemma: Yes, we recommend watching the new Netflix documentary by that name; but that’s not what we mean here. Studies have suggested that people’s usage of social media has gone up drastically during the lock-down. While you are isolating at home, make sure you practice some isolation from online platforms as you prepare for the CAT. Self-isolation with self-discipline should be your mantra.
  • Give yourself a break: Usually, it is recommended that CAT aspirations have a strict study plan to get through their preparations in time. But these are not usual times, and be kind to yourself if you are not able to stick to a rigid routine. Give yourself a break when you feel like you need it. Flexibility will be the key to work towards your goal, and remember, it’s also an important attribute for future management professionals.
  • Be the cool CAT: Let’s not underestimate the psychological and emotional impact the pandemic has had on us. As you throw yourself headlong into your CAT preparations try and take time off to unwind. While you follow all safety protocols, you can go out for a walk in the neighborhood or watch a movie, talk to your friends. It will help you de-stress a great deal.
  • Get Material-istic: Yes you are going to be deprived of physical coaching, which is something your predecessors had the benefit of. But now you can pick your study material and make it count for you. Yes, it’s a challenging task but researching the material is also a smooth way of getting acquainted with it. Incorporate video lectures that you can easily find today, into your study material.
  • Study Groups are vital: For CAT aspirants it normally means spending time in the college library, campus, or home, studying together. But now you can take advantage of social media platforms of management educational institutions to widen your scope of study buddies. It’s the perfect platform to brainstorm, understand simple ways to solve certain problems, discuss schedules and issues you are facing. Look at it as a strong support group.
  • Focus on individual sections: It is recommended that you create separate study times for each of your CAT sections. It’s a great time to pick up a novel of your choice to enhance Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability. The practice is the only way to perfection as far as Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning is concerned. Figure out ways to do mental calculations as you prepare for the Quantitative Aptitude section.
  • Mock it online: If you are preparing for the CAT for the first time then mock tests acquaint you with the exam structure and type of questions to expect. You might have familiarized yourself with the structure with the previous attempt but still, need to assess your preparations before the big days. That’s where online mock tests come into the picture, which can be taken in the early stages of your preparations to modify them accordingly.

Yes, Covid-19 has made physical coaching impossible for CAT 2022 aspirants. But in a way, it has also evened out the playing field. You alone are in charge of your success. Focused self-study offers the silver lining, which can help you claim the golden ticket to the best business schools in India.

CAT Exam 2022 – Important dates and details

  • CAT Exam 2022 Registration start date – AUG 3, 2022, Wednesday
  • CAT Exam 2022 Registration the last date – SEP 14, 2022, Wednesday (5:00 PM)
  • CAT 2022 Exam Admit card release date – OCT 27, 2022, Thursday
  • CAT 2022 Exam Exam date – NOV 27, 2022, Sunday
  • CAT Exam 2022 Result announcement date – Second week of January 2023
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