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How Social Media & Google Search Can help (or Hurt) you in Job Hunt

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Are you out of work? You have to hunt out for job now/ Have to change your job. The first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for a new job is putting together a good CV. Yes, you are thinking absolutely right. But this has today become little old-fashioned. Today internet is quite popular with job seekers. In the earlier days, an only way to know about the candidate for interviewer was to read the piece of paper written by the candidate himself called CV aka Resume aka Curriculum Vitae.

A CV used to be a piece of paper- essentially but played a very vital role in deciding a candidate’s destiny. This paper acted as a guessing piece for prospective employers to know your past, present and identify how as an employee you would turn out in future.

It has been quite some time that the new CV is in the town called – Google. All one needs to do is type your name into search engine of Google, and alas what you see if you are anywhere closer to internet which is likely to be… be it FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, your past and present employers sites or any other world of online media much about this can be visible (based on your privacy controls) and they know about your virtual life in and out. Ironically statistics proves that across the globe 35 % to 66 % people are rejected by employers based on findings through Google about them. The causes of rejection can be anything from bad grammar to spell errors, obscene language to bad words for previous employer, or it can be any incongruous content. At the same time your Google presence creatively; impressive network and demonstrated professionalism ay help you to fetch the job very easily.

Are you zapped? So was I. when I thought about it. Today we just cannot imagine our life without Google. Here’s a small piece of advice for all young aspirants to manage their Google CV well. You can oversee your Google search, Fill in your details completely wherever possible, and magnify your online presence.

1. Oversee

Sketch your own personality. The one you would like to be drawn to your prospective employer. The list of adjectives that add acclaim to yourself needs to be identified. It can vary from being professional to disciplined and hardworking; confident to well connected; trustworthy to cheerful disposition just to name a few. Once you have made up your mind, Go and Google yourself. Go to all the possible pages that are visible on first 50 or 100 searches and edit / delete anything that you may feel contradicts the image you wish to carry out. If you find something contradictory, and you don’t know how to remove the same, use again Google for it. Google definitely had answers for your complicated queries and step by step instructions to follow. Be 100 percent assured that you are the only one who needed this, there are many more earlier than you have already had similar doubts. Pick the latest ones from the search options and follow the same.

2. Fill In

For this piece of portion I advise fill the fill in the blanks wherever possible, even the bullet points, sub points. I mean to say, fill in every minute details possible, until and unless you got solid reason to leave them blank. On sites like LinkedIn, Twitter definitely ensure that you fill it completely and keep it updated, since an outdated profile will only make you unprofessional.

3. Magnify it

How one can increase his virtual aura is important to note. There are several ways to do it.

Blogs: Today people right about themselves, their own thoughts, comments about the world’s latest happenings. If you don’t have one, its ok, start one today based on the expertise you carry and keep updating it on regular basis. Still don’t know how to go about it – again guru mantra is go Google it. There are over 200 million blogs in the world; all one needs to do is to find out how to avoid the identity crisis. Employers generally prefer to see concrete and expert opinions on your blogs rather than philosophical writings.

Twitter: for some writing in 25 words is in thing. Blogs have become outdated for them. Texting and tweeting have become so popular that if you go for it, brevity becomes your identified skill.

YouTube Videos: Many prospective employers wish to see your presentation videos. Use your smartphone to get some videos clicked for you and create your repository on YouTube. You may use various other options available on the internet, but YouTube is the best one that can be utilized.

Forums: the organized groups on the subject matter are formed on the internet and are available on various social networks are the right places to be in. Join the one that fits you apply and where you can speak up on regular basis and demonstrate that you are an expert in the subject/ area.it is a wise decision to get noticed as a specialist through these forums.

After this one can really feel that he/she already had a resume which is just a click away and Googling really going to be an important decision-making attribute.

Dr. Sheenu Jain – She is Assistant Professor, Marketing & Entrepreneurship at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. She can be reached at sheenu.jain@jaipuria.ac.in

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