How many Management professionals actually consider joining Academia post their MBAs?

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A conversation with Jaipuria, Noida alumnus Prof. Dharmendra Pandey who is currently in the Faculty of Marketing at Amity Business School

Dharmendra Pandey unlike a lot of other Management graduates was always tad different- even as a student inside the Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida’s classroom. While others would listen to speak, Dharmendra listened to analyse. Like his friends from Class 2006, he had dreams of being absorbed by the industry yet he had one eye fixed on the larger scheme of affairs. He thirsted for knowledge- the kind that could help others as well.

Having finished his Bachelors in Arts with a first division, Dharmendra had opted to do a PGDM in the year 2004. He joined Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida and thereafter, made it to India Mart as Sr. Executive, Client Servicing. He worked his way to the higher rungs of the ladder and stayed there for 19 months. Even though he didn’t have much reason to quit, he was irked with the same itch- to not satiate in terms of knowledge. While his colleagues were opting for promotions and fighting tooth and nail to beat the blues of the white-collar jobs, Dharmendra headed to Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation for an M.Phil. in Management. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn that this 2006 alumnus of Jaipuria Institute of Management is today a Faculty of Marketing in Amity Business School, Lucknow. He is also pursuing his PhD alongside.

Few people just cannot be stopped from their pursuit!

Walking the less-trodden path- from Pantaloon Retails India to Faculty at a Business School

“During the early years of the millennial, things were different. The corporate world was demanding but not this brutally demanding either. Today, there is no one thumb-rule to success. You need to keep abreast with everything that is latest- to beat the odds and survive on top of the games,” says Prof. Dharmendra. He was working as Asst. Dept. Manager with Aditya Birla Fashion retail- brushing his shoulders amidst opportunities of maximizing business for the organization and strategically working towards cost reduction. Every day he would see his Management education tested for good and it was then he tried to test the waters of higher management education- to perform better.

What and who aided in the process and served as inspiration to Dharmendra? He believes the passion and inspiration was always there- “thanks to his faculty members at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida. I think they are the best assets in academia. My faculty members were always updated with the best knowledge, research skills and motivated us beyond words. In fact, research acumen is integral to academia, and I have gained it through them. They were also simple and humble, which is a quality I want to imbibe,” he says thoughtfully.

Prof. Dharmendra has seen both worlds; industry and academia, inside out. He asserts that industry is changing rapidly but claims that B Schools like Jaipuria Institute of Management are keeping up with the times. According to him, data science is the biggest industry trend, which is why future managers need to possess analytical skills.

In the context, he reveals how his alma mater is evolving and shaping industry leaders, “I see that Jaipuria Institute of Management is aggressively bringing industry context to education. There are skills based and specialization courses in the PGDM program. They also liaise with alumni better and use their inputs to advantage,” he says.

So what is the scope and growth prospect for management graduates in the coming years? Prof. Dharmendra who keeps a close eye on placement seasons at B Schools is of the opinion that since 2014 the market has improved and so have job opportunities. While manufacturing sector has shown a gradual growth, service sector has boomed in the past five years. He urges students to make the most out of these opportunities when he says, “Update your skills and have a go-getter attitude. There will be no dearth of opportunities for you. I also think the focus should be on entrepreneurial skills because this is the right time for start-ups. Things are definitely looking up.”

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