How is Danish Noor, PGDM, Class 2018 helping in the classroom experience of Jaipuria, Noida and how is the classroom helping Danish?

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Never underestimate the power of a diverse classroom!
How is Danish Noor, PGDM, Class 2018 helping in the classroom experience of Jaipuria, Noida and how is the classroom helping Danish?

Danish in Urdu means knowledge and this PGDM student of Jaipuria Institute of management, Noida can very well be seen as someone trying to live up to the meaning his name embodies. Danish came to Jaipuria, Noida with 4 years work experience in his already impressive resume. He left the comfortable cocoon of one metro city in order to adopt and learn from another. One might want to ask- “why Jaipuria Institue of Management particularly?” when Danish also had a host of other B-schools to choose from. Well Danish has an answer!

“One of the highlights of studying at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida is that you get to interact and learn from students from diverse backgrounds.” Interestingly, Danish himself symbolizes the classroom diversity at Jaipuria, Noida to a large extent. How? He is a commerce graduate. He comes from Kolkata. He has four years of professional experience backing his case up further. And oh, if that isn’t enough already, Danish did wade a lot of water in Sales and Marketing in his previous workplace!

Let’s read a bit more about Danish Noor. How is Danish helping in the classroom experience of Jaipuria, Noida and how is the classroom helping Danish?

When things slow down, you take them up a ‘North’

Danish was working with Reliance Capital, Kolkata as a Sales and Marketing Person in Vehicle Financing. But after 4 years he felt he was stagnating and needed a boost to his career. He heard about Jaipuria, Noida from an alum friend, then did his own research and decided to head North. “Jaipuria, Noida has good track record in terms of Placements, Alumni network and Faculties. Adding to that is the peer learning experience. I left my job as a Branch Sales Manager but haven’t regretted that decision even once,” he says.

How is Danish’s work-ex helping Danish as well as his peers?

Danish is of the opinion that your work experience can actually come handy during your PGDM as you can relate to the concepts you learn in the classroom a lot better. He explains, “It is kind of an Experience First, Learn Later phenomenon. Given my prior work experience I can understand how things get done practically in the real world and it helps me during presentations. I hope it helps my batch mates as well because here we learn a lot from sharing.”

Why peer learning is an enriching experience?

Danish admits that just like his batch mates can gain from his professional experience, he benefits by learning with students from different backgrounds. He claims that studying after a gap of 4 years wasn’t easy for him but he has managed with his classmates’ support. “Even in organizations people work in teams and peer learning makes things easier. At Jaipuria, Noida we feed off each other’s energy, ideas, and have our friends’ back, which makes learning here a completely pleasurable experience,” he adds thoughtfully.

Home is where your heart is!

According to Danish, his B School and friends have made him feel at home in a short span of time. While as a professional he wants to build a professional network, be more confident and hone his analytical thinking, he believes as an individual he is making giant strides already. “I believe as a management student you have to be more adaptable to change. Not that I needed to be very flexible here because even though I was some distance away from home I instantly felt comfortable at Jaipuria, Noida. I have been very lucky,” he ends emotionally.