Hit by recession, lifted by learning- the story of Jaipuria Institute of Management’s alum Pankaj Yadav who took the road less travelled by!

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Alumni from Jaipuria Institute of Management don’t only make their mark in the corporate world; there are many who have carved a niche for themselves with Government companies. Mr. Pankaj Yadav, from Batch 2008 – 10 at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow is one of them. He has had successful career with India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited. Today he is in a comfortable position to look back on things that went wrong and everything that turned out right in his career.

Hit by recession, lifted by learning

Mr. Yadav asserts that he was always interested in Finance, but he graduated at the time the industry was hit by recession. He struggled to find placement but knew that his B School learning will see him through in the long run. “I knew that my learning on the Lucknow campus would be the foundation for my career. It was an amazing experience but the real test comes after the graduation. I worked with State Bank of Hyderabad for two years and now with my current employers I am handling project financing, which is something I love,” he explains.

Building on the knowledge base

While all B School graduates will talk about the significance of practical exposure, Mr. Yadav reminds us that the theoretical learning of concepts in the classroom cannot be overlooked. He backs his argument with his own example where he relied on the theoretical learning to sail through a future course program. “CAIB is a course that’s very important in Finance and Banking industry. I went through the course without any preparation. I was only able to qualify because of everything I had studied during my PGDM,” he adds.

Constant exchange of ideas in classrooms

Mr. Yadav, who was present at the alumni meet, recently held in Delhi, has a special place in his heart for his B School and the time he spent there. According to him, friends, faculty members and stimulating classroom environment were the three crucial aspects of learning at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. “I think my faculty members were amazing as they were always there for me. I got a lot of support and healthy competition from my batch mates. The classroom was always buzzing with ideas and that’s a great way to learn,” he reminisces enthusiastically.