“Had I not been in Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, I would not have had the opportunity of working with a company of this stature.”

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Dhruv Arora had worked really hard for the placement month at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. He knew that, like in the past few years, every corporate house with a stake anywhere in Western India, would be visiting Jaipuria Jaipur to recruit managers who fit its profile. When placements began in November, Dhruv started with a bang, clearing the Group Discussions and being selected for interviews with as many as six big-shot companies. But when he was unable to crack the interview for any one of these companies, Dhruv thought his luck had run out.

“I was very sad and demotivated. I had a talk with Professor Anvay Bhargava regarding this. He listened to me patiently, and said, ‘I am sure that as you are very sincere and patient, you will definitely make it into a very good company. Just be calm and give your best during the interview.’ This was right before my fateful interview for DLF Pramerica.”

On the 25th of February, Dhruv appeared for an interview for the 7th time, in what was one of the biggest companies on the Jaipuria Jaipur campus this year. The profile that DLF Pramerica was aiming to fill was that of an Assistant Sales Manager. There was just one position, and the competition was tough.

“After the first two stages – Presentation and Group Discussion – only 5 candidates were shortlisted for the interview. Despite the fact that I was the last to be interviewed, I felt that it went off pretty well. My interview lasted for around 20 minutes. I was asked to briefly introduce myself, and then was asked a few questions on Marketing and Sales, the Insurance industry and some questions related to defence. Surprisingly, I seemed to be doing a very good job of the interview, getting all the answers right.”

The words of Professor Anvay Bhargava proved absolutely right. Dhruv Arora had made it!

There was immense support from his faculty and peers during the placements at Jaipuria Jaipur. “We had regular GD sessions and mock interviews which helped us a lot during the selection process. One-to-one counseling sessions with the faculty were organised for every student. External faculty from other colleges and corporate professionals also guided us on personality development and ways to tackle the GD and interview.”

In the past few months, Dhruv has not only understood the entire Insurance sector, but has very quickly grasped the finer aspects of DLF Pramerica products. he has also shown immense confidence in making presentations to officers of the rank of Captain, Major and Colonel in the Armed Forces.

“As Associate Sales Manager, I am entrusted with achieving business results in the defence sector (Indian Army) via work-site sales process through effective distribution of insurance products in the target affinity. I am also responsible for Agents/Officer Prahari recruitment, development and meeting the business targets month on month according to the plan.”

Currently, there are 6 teams of Associate Sales Managers in the Jaipur Branch of DLF Pramerica. In the context of the business and the people hired by every sales manager, Dhruv’s team is at the top. In fact, he has been achieving 150% of his monthly goal-sheet consistently for the past couple of months.

“I think, had I not been in Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, I would not have had the opportunity of working with a company of this stature. I would strongly recommend to my juniors at Jaipuria Jaipur who are eyeing a career in Sales and Marketing, to appear for the selection process of DLF Pramerica.”

And why not? After all, Jaipuria Jaipur now has an alumni base in DLF Pramerica!